lots of stuff missing means I can't install apps from Cydi


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Sep 13, 2009
San Jose, CA

I jailbroke my device this afternoon..yipee..

then, due to issues with Lockinfo I was advised to upgrade to 4.01....and then the problems began.

I've had to wait until I got home tonight as the upgrade failed and I had to get home to a different laptop...that's now been done and so I have 4.01 running on my phone.

so, I've JB again and set about installing he must haves from cydia..except..

When I try Lockinfo, I get this message

I've never had any such message before..so then I tried BiteSMS, and get this

and other similar things...it seems half the stuff is missing, or has dependencies that cannot be fixed. Anyone any ideas to help? thanks


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Aug 2, 2010
How long has it been like that? Some of the sources are still frequently going up and down, so they might be able to find them.
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