Lotsa stuff FS incl iBook G4 800, Sony UX40, etc

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    Sep 19, 2003
    I have a bunch of things for sale. Everything is sold "AS-IS." All items include shipping from Phoenix, AZ unless mentioned otherwise. (I can do local pickup if you want, too.) I have flawless positive feedback on eBay (60+) under HRL71. If you don't like the price, and are serious about buying, please PM me. I take PayPal/USPS money orders/personal checks (must clear bank first).

    Before anyone asks about trades - please read: I really am not interested in trades unless someone has an Aluminum Powerbook (must be 1GHz+ and have a Superdrive) to trade (contact me for details, I have a decent dual G4 tower and iBook G4 that I would trade for the right Powerbook), and I also am interested in UT2004/Halo/Elite Force 2.

    Thanks for looking!

    Here's the list:

    128 MB PC2100 DDR SO-DIMM (I have 2 of these) $15

    256 MB PC2100 DDR SO-DIMM $40

    I have the top palm rest casing of an TiBook 500 - the frame is a goner, but some parts seem to be still salvageable:
    inside hinge attachments/I/O panel door hinges/door - $40
    speakers - $30
    power button - $30
    cooling fan - $45
    backup battery - $55
    PMU board - $79
    trackpad/button assembly - $45
    latch button - $79
    airport antenna - $39
    IR port cover - $19

    MacAlly iShock2 USB ForceFeedback game pad $5 + shipping (never got force feedback to work after getting it off eBay, but game pad works)

    Snow Airport base station in original box (only problem is that power cord must be positioned just right - if ABS is moved or cord is wiggled, power connection is cycled. ) $75

    Cisco 675 DSL modem/router, no cables or power supply. Turns on. $25

    Qwest Cisco 678 + Macintosh Kit (includes filters, Cisco 678, power supply, Mac serial-to-Cisco management cable, phone cable, ethernet cable, manual, and Cisco Commander software) NEW, NEVER USED, $50 + shipping

    G4 Gigabit Ethernet Logic Board - Working Condition $139 + shipping

    SOLD Apple Dual G4 500 MHz (includes heat sink and clips) CPU card, seems to have problems with cache (may work using CHUD Developer tool to disable cache) $75 SOLD

    ACARD 6880M (could be OEM branded) ATA RAID PCI card. Supports RAID 0 and 1. Connect up to 4 HD's for speed or redundancy. Includes set of silver round IDE cables. Working when pulled. $99

    G4 Gigabit Ethernet Case - good condition, missing lower front foot, includes CD bezel, fan, cd/zip bracket, brackets for hard drives. No power supply. $99 + shipping

    G4 Gigabit Ethernet Power Supply - working when pulled, $75 + shipping

    Apple V.90 56K internal modem - (compatible with a variety of Apple systems including iMac G3 (slot), G4 towers, Powerbook G3's, etc), working condition, $30

    SOLD Power button assembly/cable for G4 (Graphite, Gigabit Ethernet, Digital Audio) towers. Buttons all work, but the power light LED doesn't. $10 + shipping SOLD

    Apple 8x DVD-ROM bare drive pulled from a Graphite G4 in good working condition, $30

    Pioneer OEM DVR-106 4x Superdrive, 100% Apple compatible bare drive, and 5 blank generic 4x DVD-R's $100

    UMAX 6400 Letter-size Firewire Scanner (FAST as heck!) $55 + shipping

    Mac OS X 10.2 Jaguar Retail CD's $35

    Sony Clie UX-40 PDA in good condition (some cosmetic scratches on case from normal use) with Martin Fields Screen Protector, 256 Memory Stick Pro and Missing Sync for Clie (allows you to sync photos, music, and other stuff with your Clie) $350 + shipping

    Last but not least - 12" iBook G4 800 640/30/Combo/Airport Extreme in great working condition, LCD has no stuck pixels, with original packaging, 7 mos old, still under warranty, still eligible for AppleCare, Apple video out dongle included. $925 + shipping

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