M$ New Play Towards World Domination


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Feb 22, 2002
I haven't seen anyone react to what in my opinion is a huge threat to us mac users, any computer user and, big words but, mankind. Namely; M$'s Paladium and the new Fritz Chip, read about it as reported by The Register; http://www.theregus.com/content/4/25415.html

This must be fought. I urge everybody to do something to enlighten people around you, your politicians and/or other people. M$/Intel and the other parties in this consortium will no doubt put millions into their lobbying machines. Remeber how M$ got the judge and their anticompetitivecas thrown out of the court.

Make a stance! React! Please do something to protest this.


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M$ is insane!

They are constantly trying to get away with this kind of thing and it always SO obvious and they always get away with it. Or they keep trying!

I think that eventually people will understand what exactly they are buying when they buy a Wintel box, and what they are aiding and abeting.

This M$ really is the big brother of the Orwell novel.

We really need to get people to switch and I think that a greater understanding of what M$ is really trying to do to our society and how they gather information and attempt to control people is a major issue and point!

Since XP its become very obvious to more people the true nature of this beast.

We need to press or push that issue!


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Jun 12, 2002
Whats even worse is they want to control your cell phone, computer, TV, video game machine, fridge and even more.

This goes beyond all reason. Intel had their unique serial number in CPUs earlier and now this with Microsoft?

This needs to be shut down and fast. Too bad majority of the buying public is ignorant to these happenings until its too late.


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May 2, 2002
See, what pisses me off is that all of us KNOW this is bad, but M$ is going to get away with it because Johnny Politician owns alot of stock in M$ or whoever, so it looks great, No more Pirating! Yay! MOre money for me! Meanwhile, we are sitting there, reading a website that has been 'filtered' to show you this politician is the best thing since the beaver's tail, all I can say is **** !


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May 2, 2002
One last thing, the article talks about how this will pretty much force the software developers to write this type of software, well, this is a calling to all us mac users. GET PEOPLE TO BUY THESE COMPUTERS! If we have a large enough user base, then software companies will still make money (I mean enough money to drop M$) and then this thing may fall through, but if the software vendors don't have anyone to sell their software to, they'll have to go along in order to continue being a company. Also, I find it funny how the article says, "People believed that the GPL made it impossible for a company to come along and steal code that was the result of community effort." [Insert Microsoft here] They 'borrowed' components from Linux in order to fix their Windows 2000/NT OS's, it's such complete...uggh, Im gonna pick up drinking :rolleyes:
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