M$ Re-trying iMovie


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Jan 3, 2002
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Microsoft Corp. will add a video-editing feature to its Windows XP operating system with a new program that automates and simplifies home movie making, the world's largest software maker said on Friday.

Movie Maker 2, whose beta, or test version, which will be available for download on Microsoft's Web site from Friday, is meant to dispel the notion that home video editing take hours and requires a lot of learning, said Michael Aldridge, lead product manager at Microsoft's digital media division.


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Jul 16, 2002
Salt Lake City, UT
Piss...And you know the real kicker? In the future, the public will think that Apple ripped iMovie off of Microsoft.:mad:

Oh well, there was one part of the article that I found quite amusing. That is the part where Microsoft said that they have been working on the digital hub for a number of years. If this is true why does Microsoft's digital hub suck so bad?



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Jan 9, 2002
Austin, TX
they're a little late... Normally the announce their plans to jump right into markets that they see as 'hot', and if the market does last, they buy some other company's butt ugly software, and give it out for free for their windoze users, or sell it for a crap load. If the market flounders, they never release the product, the market dies, and millions in potential are lost.

Don't you just love microsoft's business strategy?

The way I'm beginning to see it, Mac users are the pioneers of the computer industry. Apple innovates, and tries things that are new. The rest of the computer industry (or at least the smart part) copies what works, and makes money (or at least tries to...)

If it weren't for Apple, there'd be no innovation in the computer world, unless you consider the 'autohide' feature of the taskbar an innovation...


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Feb 7, 2002
Well I just installed this bad boy on my pc to see what its like. its not imovie ill tell you that right now. It seems to have all the same stuff iMovie does. Buttons werent layed out very well, kindof confusing but with a little learning curve you could learn it. the thing with imove is you dont have to know anything. if you guys would like me to post pictures of different parts of the screen let me know. ill keep checking back if there are any requests.



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Aug 9, 2002
Lets not worry too much. We all know it is 100% impossible for Apple and Microsoft to make competitor products around the same time period and for Microsoft's to be better.


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Feb 7, 2002
sorry guys, im working on dsl line at the time right now at my house. once i get it back up and running and find a good screen capture utility for xp ill post some.



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Apr 13, 2001
what the hell is auto-movie creation? is that for taking something right off a DV Cam and pushing it straight to .mwv or something? YUK. It seems it does a lot of what iMovie does, and some more. But I'm sure just not as well or in as easy a fashion. Will it be free? Maybe. iMovie has a few effects and stuff that come with it - and you can find and download many more for free.

mb iM3 will bring a lot more to the table. Something where Apple had an ftp of approved effects, transitions, etc. would be cool - and iMovie could seek those out and install them through the iMovie interface - making adding new ones a piece of cake for users. "Search for more Transitions"... get a dilog box with names and descriptions and who authored em. You can choose which to install/uninstall & you're done.

M$ is pretty pathetic with this... I noticed also a commercial for intel where it starts with someone burning mp3s to a CD - anyone notice that the burn icon and it's position in the app where almost identical to iTunes? except theirs was this nasty green looking thing - don't know if its a real app or just a mockup for the ad. Yuk.


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Nov 30, 2001
Have anyone seen their comparsion page?



They claim they have industry-leading compression technology, and Apple does not. What a cheap bunch of liars...
And what's so good with Windows Media compatibility? Does M$ Movie Destroyer include QuickTime compatibility? Don't think so...
And iMovie does not have only 6 transitions. Because of the parameters, iMovies has a lot more transitions. M$ shait maker has about the same amout of transitions, only the are seperated in a looong list... How's that for «ease-of-use»???



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Jul 18, 2002
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Originally posted by crassusad44

They claim they have industry-leading compression technology, and Apple does not. What a cheap bunch of liars...
Actually, they do.

WMV9 is the standard by which all other codecs are judged now, like it or not.
Blows MPEG-4 right out of the water.
Hopefully the new H.264 codec can dethrone it soon.