Mac and Impaired Users

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, May 24, 2007.

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    Apple is always trying to get rid of unused buttons and simplifying things, so I think Apple can get rid of the power button on the back of the iMac and make the Apple logo on the front a touch sensitive button, just like the Playstation 3's.
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    Desktop macs don't have the power button on the keyboards anymore?

    I always liked that on my friends powermac G3, but perhaps that was to make up for the puck mouse. Even a perfectly mobile person would have trouble with those. :p
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    But that doesn't address the location of the iMac power button, which is the primary focus of the article. Apple has been in denial about the fact that Macs still crash sometimes, slowly making it more an more difficult to restart from a crash. What ever happened to the old days of control open-apple reset? After that we got the paperclip hole (one of Apples worst designs ever), then the mirrored-door G4's with next-to-impossible to hold down buttons, now, we have Minis and iMacs with the "reach around and feel for it" power buttons. Granted its a small issue, but for someone who is physically impaired it really isn't that small.
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    My idea: something that clamps onto the iMac foot and places a rubber knobby right behind the power/reset button, so pressing the bottom-front of the Mac would hit the button. It would contact only if you pushed the bottom of the Mac almost all the way. That tilts the screen downward, not too dangerously close to normal viewing, so accidental presses should be rare. (And pretty harmless: you can press again to re-awaken the Mac.)
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    Go patent it! I have a friend with limited mobility who could use something like this. When her PC froze she had issues too, even though the button is on the front. She was able to do it on a laptop, and can do with with an old iBook I gave her (not that it ever freezes). I'm trying to convince her to get an iMac, but I didn't think about this. I don't know how she would turn it on if it gets turned off.
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    Well, "Automatically restart after power failure" is probably the simplest thing :) Just about foolproof.

    Failing that, maybe something could be C-clamped to the foot.

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