Mac app that automatically adds pictures in email attachments to Photos app?

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    Hey all,

    Does anyone know if there is a Mac app that can scan the Mail app and look for all emails with attachments that are photographs and then automatically save all those photographs to a dedicated folder on the Mac–or better yet, add the automatically to your Photos library?
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    For any new email you get now. Or also that goes back through your whole mail library and process old mails as well?

    I think the expected method is that if you want to store a picture from an email attachment, you store it in a folder somewhere. And Photo's app probably automatically gets it from that folder, or you manually add the folder to the list of places to look for stuff.

    Other than that, perhaps a service like could help? I use it to get instagrams into my dropbox, and email attachments to my google drive, .. etc.
  3. dangerfish, Oct 13, 2016
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    Yes, you need to set up a rule. I have an email rule that says any time an email comes to our Sales@ email address with a pdf attachment (this would be a purchase order from a customer), then several things will happen. The mail rule will invoke a Script that will save the pdf to the desktop (which is nothing more than a folder), will automatically print a copy of that pdf on our office printer and will make the computer speak the words "show me the money."
    Below is a copy of my script that gets ran every time a pdf is emailed to us. You only need the first part; saving jpg's (or whatever other image files you may want) to a folder that you specify. So you need to write a script and create an email rule. That's it.

    using terms from application "Mail"

    on perform mail action with messages theMessages for rule theRule

    set theOutputFolder to "Macintosh HD:Users:Milly:desktop:"

    tell application "Mail"

    repeat with theMessage in theMessages

    if theMessage's mail attachments is not {} then

    repeat with theAttachment in theMessage's mail attachments

    set theFileName to theOutputFolder & theAttachment's name


    save theAttachment in file theFileName

    on error errnum

    end try

    end repeat

    end if

    end repeat

    end tell

    tell application "/Users/Milly/Library/Printers/Milly Office"

    print file theFileName

    end tell

    say "Show me the money"

    end perform mail action with messages

    end using terms from
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    Here is what my rule looks like that runs the script above.

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    Photos has an AppleScript import class if you want to directly import to it BTW. I would do a "Attachments from Mail" or whatever album.
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    This is pretty cool, didn't know mail was that powerful! Love the "Show me the money" part!!! Nice touch.

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