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Jan 1, 2002
There is an article in today's Wall Street Journal (6/20/02) entitled "Are You Really A Mac Type?", written by Walter S. Mossberg. It's on the front page of the Marketplace section. Anyway, the article addresses the idea of switching from a PeeCee to a Mac, and goes about comparing them. Honestly, I though I was about to read a Mac-bashing article, but it ended up making Macs look pretty good. I was happy about that. It talks about basically how they are pretty much better all around. It notes that the only real people who shouldn't switch are those who work strictly through a Windoze network, and heavy gamers...I'm not sure I agree though. Although it did mention that Jaguar should fix some networking issues. The one thing that I wasn't happy about was that it said the basic better thing about PeeCees was that they have faster processors...I just don't believe that. :)
Anyway, you guys should check it out.

P.S. If someone already started a thread on this...sorry. :)


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Nov 4, 2001
Kent, UK
Shame i can't check that out from europe.....:)

The Wall Street get's quite a few readers, doesn't it? ;) Sounds like a pretty even-handed review. Kudos to the journalist for that.