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Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by mymemory, Dec 10, 2002.

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    May 9, 2001
    I have found this in a venezuelan hacker page, I had to translate it back to english using Altavista, here we go:

    Many users of Macintosh, the Mac surroundings has a religious dawn, it assures a psychologist who, by the others, also is an enthusiastic user of the machines of Apple Computer. Psychologist David Levine, declared to Wired that: "For many people who do not feel to taste with a current religion, Macintosh offers a feeling of community and shared patrimony. To my to understand, the users of Mac have, until certain point, a form common way of thinking and a way to do things. Some people claim to be Buddhist, others claim to be catholic. We claim to be usuary of Mac, which implies that we have values similar to the monks, Levine added."
    Another investigator consulted by Wired, Russel Belk, of the University of UTA, expert in behavior of consumers, goes still more far that Levine. In effect, Belk says to have found analogies between the Christianity and the Macintosh movement. Thus, the first model of Apple (Apple 1), sold to outlandish prices, is compared by Belk with the birth of Jesus. Soon, the equivalent one of the Mesías is Steve Jobs. And evidently, it does not surprise that equivalences of Satan and hell are Bill Gates and Microsoft. Source:

    Well, from my point of view you can count me in! for a computer user Macs are the holly salvation:D
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    Oct 28, 2002
    Has Someone got Apple Envy?

    Its just a Rumor... A MacRumor...

    Such statements are pure lies... and David Levine should know better... he wouldn't be the first blaspheming unbeliever we TRUE believers have sacrificed to the Gods and Demi-Gods at MacRumors. Some will say its just culture, or that we we are uncontrollably drawn to dance naked around the open fires upon which we roast the heathens, but there simply isn't any truth in that... we just like the taste of their burnt flesh...

    Those pagans should recant and worship the Apple, before the worm turns ;)

    [SECRET MEMBERS CODE} PS... just a reminder, our regular sacrifice has been moved upto this Friday starting at 7:00PM, at beach site one. This is due to family Christmas committments of some members. Be sure to bring your own beverages... [/SECRET MEMBERS CODE]
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    Jul 9, 2000
    if i had to find a religion most closely to mac users, i would relate mac users to the jehovah witnesses

    my employee is a jehovah witness, and has similar attributes to many mac users i have seen in the past

    but instead of a singular belief in its software and hardware, it's the jehovah witnesses singular mission in their evangelism and god

    the jehovah witnesses are the closest thing in the world to a world famous (and perhaps annoying) and vocal cult, and i could easily say the same thing about apple

    windows/pc world is like catholicism, protestantism, bhuddism, islam, or hinduism...much larger, but as a group as a whole, nowhere as zealous

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