mac boots from a single click on keyboard


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Nov 23, 2018
this is a new feature that was introduced? cause i dont remember seeing this on my previous 12" macbook running the previous software. the macbook air 2018 running mojave i have, when i turn off (shut down) the macbook, it turns back on when i press any keys on the keyboard.

is this a new feature?
is there anyway to turn this off? I just want my power key to work the way it should.



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Jul 30, 2003
Shut off your 2018 MacBook Air by choosing Shut Down from the Apple menu.
It will turn back on by pressing any key on the keyboard. Yes, that's new this year.
Well, Apple has made some changes to that since the 2016 MacBook Pro, but made more challenging now, probably because of the T2 chip now in new Macs. (T2, as part of its job, prevents you from making some kinds of changes to your system)
I have read about an app that will disable the keyboard and trackpad, usually for cleaning. I don't know if that continues to work on the newest Macs, however. Here it is...