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    Apr 12, 2001
    MysteryMacMan claims "Mac's Expo in New York will be having a for sure 1 Ghz PowerMac G4, and most likely a Dual Processor 733 Mhz G4. iMac's should be reaching speeds of 750Mhz, along with the iBook, will be reaching speeds of 550Mhz. Mac's rumored "G5" chip is supposedly in the making, and should be around the corner next MacWorld, NewYork. "

    However, this seems to be a large part of "wishful thinking" than anything concrete... though MacOS Rumors does coincide somewhat...

    [Apple] will introduce new motherboard features like
    Double Data Rate SDRAM will also sport PowerPC
    7450 processors starting at 733MHz. Other models
    would include processors at 800, 866, 933, and
    1,000MHz (1GHz).

    Of course, we all know Motorola has been the limiting factor... but their new 0.13-micron fabrication process gives us some hope:

    Motorola is currently sampling embedded
    processors fabricated using the 0.13-micron process,
    which it intends to begin shipping in volume in the
    second quarter of this year.
  2. Galahad macrumors newbie

    Apr 13, 2001
    This guy uses AOL..

    The "Mystery Man" uses AOL. Sounds like a know-nothing newbie to me. I'd take his claims with a half grain of salt.
  3. #3
    What kind of speeds are these?

    Why do we need four different speeds in a 200 MHz range? The higher speeds are always in high demand. Motorola should concentrate more on fulfilling the demand than in supplying a "variety" of speeds. What's the big difference between a 933Mhz and a 1GHz? And is it worth the logistical heartburn?
  4. petemac Guest

    can't imagine they'd make 933 and 1ghz machines..

    those numbers have to be off.

  5. jefhatfield Retired


    Jul 9, 2000
    new speeds

    Only 550 MHz for the iBook? I want to see close to 700 if iMac supposed to go 750 and G4s at 1 GHz. The 1GHz speed is overdue but it still seems unlikely (but I was shocked at the last jump to 733 from 500 for the G4 recently).
  6. Guest

    nO 700 iN iBoOkS

    ThE G4s uSe aLoT oF pOwEr wHeN cOmPaReD tO G3s aNd u NeEd aS mUcH bAtTeRy lIfE aS u CaN gEt fRuM a lAptOp. bEsIdEs, tHe G3 sTiLl hAs qUiTe a bIt oF pOtEnTiAl, i rEmEmBeR hEaRiNg pRedIctIoNs (aCtUalLy eDuCaTeD gUeSsEs) tHaT tHe G3s cOuLd gO G3-800MHz...
  7. Anton Szandor LaVey macrumors newbie

    Apr 11, 2001
    Useless info

    Sounds like the MysteryMacMan does not know what he is talking about it seems pretty damn clear that it would be pointless havin a 800MHz - 866MHz and 933MHz and 1GHz it is just plain stupid. Also I would have to agree with 'DaveTrappedInWindowsWorld' I know that I and everyone that I know would always go for the higher MHz just like theyd go for the higher RAM and bigger drive, personally I do it as it gives me reasurance that my computer will still be able to use the latest programs for atleast the next 2-4 years. :)
  8. guest Guest

    pointless mhz?

    If what you are saying is "why sell anything other than 1ghz" I reply:
    ghz is partly just good marketing, a large part of speeding up a computer is a faster hd, more ram, motherboard, backside cache. A discerning buyer can get more bang per buck by buying a fully-loaded "bottom-of-the-line" machine while the fools who shell out $$$ for hz pay our bill.
  9. Guest


    wUt U sEd iS tRu bUt tHaT'S tHe bEaUtY oF mArKeTiNg. i tHiNk aPpLe wAnTs wInDoZe uSeRs tO sEe tHaT eVeN mAcS cAn hAvE a 1GHz cOrE fReQuEnCy wHiLe tHeY dOn'T eXaCtLy pUt iN bIg bOlD lEtTeRs tHaT tHeY nOw uSe 5400 aNd 7200 rPm AtA dRiVeS iNsTeAd oF gOoD oLd SCSI. wHiLe i tHiNk tHe G4s aRe nIcE, i'm sTiLl hApPy wItH mY 2 8600-300s, aNd mY bEiGe G3 300. aLl eQuIpPeD wItH 7200 and 10000 rPm SCSI dRiVes aNd hAlF a gIg oF rAm eAcH.
  10. macboy macrumors regular

    Apr 18, 2001
    1 GHz G4

    That would be nice! Better yet 1 GHz G5s!!!!!!


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