Mac friendly, bluetooth enabled (and generally well-done) PDAs?

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    Aug 11, 2004
    Washington DC (in Kalorama Triangle)
    Basically my question comes down to, what do I want?

    I think I want the following:
    a) PalmOS (pretty non-negotiable; I really would rather shy away from MS Windows CE or whatever they are calling it these days...
    b) bluetooth, either built-in or via SDIO
    c) "thumbpad" keyboard, rather than graffiti (although I can be convinced otherwise here)
    d) WiFi or SprintPCS access (both would be nice, see below)

    my questions come down to:
    Do I want a Treo 600 w/ bluetooth (either via SDIO or waiting until such exists) or do I want a Tungsten C w/ bluetooth (ditto)?

    The advantages to the Tungsten C:
    a) could use bluetooth to connect to my voice cell, and thus best of all worlds. Can use Wifi when at coffeeshop, home or work, and Sprint when wandering the wide world
    b) better screen

    The advantages to the Treo
    a) "just works" wrt sprint, who knows how the T-C will manage to crawl onto the Internet, after all these are not apple products ;) can one use bluetooth to access a wifi network? (tunnelling through a computer)
    b) built in voice capability

    thoughts? alternatives? comparisons w/ the RIM Blackberry 7750? (can it get Bluetooth by any means at all?

    Lastly I use Gmail primarily, for email. Can any of these devices use Gmail via their browsers?
  2. budaapple macrumors regular

    Jun 15, 2004
    a few comments

    My understanding is that Sprint is not a GPS phone therefore you are limited to the states. The treo 600 is a great little device my only problem with it when I had it was I was always worried I would drop it and break it. I don't think it comes with Bluetooth (should for the price) buit if I am not mistaken you can add BT thru the sd card slot. I have a windows based PDA (rarely used gift) and when I insert the card and access a WiFi network it was surprisingly quick and easy to navigate. The problem with the PDA's doing so much especially when surfing is the battery drains rather quickly. I did not see that with my Treo. And it is very simple tio just check email from anywhere with the Treo not so with the Palm.
    Hope this babble helps somewhat.

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