Mac market share slips, but chip milestone passed

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Nov 6, 2007.

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    Two "negative" Apple stories in a row from New Zealand. NZ actually exceeds Australia in it's vice-like grip from Microsoft. MS has so thoroughly imbedded itself in these countries that, until recently, both would blaze any anti-Apple "news" and spin it as far as they could. MS gives a lot of "goodies" to IT folk, which keeps them loyal, so much so that mention of "Apple" in some firms, causes hissing sounds and garlic and crosses to be launched into the air.

    Mind you, Apple OZ, has been a thorough disaster for Apple and I am surprised that Cupertino has allowed the arrogance and indifference of that organization to persist. Perhaps SJ actually likes it--- matches his character? Who knows?

    Thankfully, OZ, at least,is wriggling out of the MS clutches a little more these days and ordinary people now know that Apple is still in business- a surprise to them even just three years ago! I imagine most Kiwis think iPods are actually an MS product under the Apple label, whatever company that might be :mad:

    But, as this article points out, as have the string of others, there hardly ever is a positive Apple story from Down Under...
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    IIRC, Apple OZ and Apple NZ are completely different animals. I actually don't know how much presence Apple itself has in NZ considering their retail relationship with Renaissance, who seems to be better at charging top NZ$ for Apple product than actually selling anything. (Of course, a lot of Kiwis I know fly over to the US to buy their Apple hardware.) In the end, the results are about the same as they are for Apple's own international arms and the results can be seen in their tiny marketshares abroad.

    Despite their lip service about how they want to improve their dismal sales in Japan, Apple seems to have the same disregard for international sales as they do for enterprise sales. US sales aren't going to grow forever like they are now, so they need to look to other markets to sustain growth. Sooner rather than later would be preferable.

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