Mac marketshare climbs by near 20% – IDC

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, May 2, 2007.

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    I'd like to see more breakdown per country. For instance, we know what the market share is in the USA, but even the EU sales numbers are thrown into the EMEA pot. What's the market share in the UK for instance?

    If we knew that, we may even be surprised to find it's larger than people are assuming and things such as the BBC iPlayer lockout could be averted. I see so many Macs here now. There's no way it's only 2.6% market share.
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    Business PCs — dull boxes for dull purposes like email and accounting — probably account for a huge portion of Windows' share. I imagine the Mac's home-use share could be as high as 10%, and I'll bet it's around 30% among, say, college students.
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    Which is a great example of why the figures need breaking down further. Services such as Football League commentaries are Windows-only over here at the moment, based on the presumption that Macs only have 2-3% global market share. If that was shown to be more like 10-15% for UK home use, any web related service aimed at home users would automatically consider Macs in their plans.
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    90%+ amongst designers.
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    At college the number was 100%. Everyone had either an iBook or PowerBook. Everyone. Technicians had PowerMac G5's.

    Whenever I'm at uni all I see are MacBooks now. They've really caught the students eyes at my place. Though I do see the occasional Windows laptop, and the studios are split Windows/Mac (all with ACDs though :D ).

    2.6%. Does seem very small. But when you think that's just 1 company who produce computers. Does Dell own 2.6% of the market too? Of course if OSX had the flexibility of Windows so anyone could install it on whatever system then I imagine the number of OSX users to shoot up. But I'm happy it being tied to Apple hardware.
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    Dell's world wide market share it like 17% or something, so yes, they have 2.6 and more. It's even higher in the US. HP is the world leader, though, with over 20%. Sorry, I can't remember all the exact numbers.
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    The useful life of an average Mac is so much longer than an average Windows PC that it obscures the relationship between market share and installed base. Among my co-workers with home computers, I estimate that about 20% have Macintoshes.
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    Too right you are sir, and this will always put apple at a disadvantage in "market share" surveys as they are based completely on sales. My grandfather runs the latest incarnation of OS X on a CRT iMac with little more than a ram upgrade, and a friend of his is on his third Dell in the same time frame. Sad thing is, the iMac still run faster even tho it's at a 3 to 1 clock speed disadvantage.
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    Let us not forget that PCs bought by businesses, some used as nothing more than cash registers or terminals, are counted in that market share number as well.
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    These are global figures - in the UK and US Apple is unquestionably booming. When I go into the university library Mac laptops outnumber PC laptops 3 to 1. As regards the home, Macs are the new iPods - just as when the iPod went USB and PC/Mac it boomed, so the Mac having gone OS X/Windows is likewise booming. Just look at Apple's share price, it tells the story as clearly as anything else.

    But you have to compare that to rooms full of PCs that no one chooses to use but that are foisted upon them by strict budgets that don't take into account man hours of technical support and longevity, etc. PCs are always available at lower initial outlays, and hence they are the accountant's preferred option. Also, poorer countries and countries where Apple is yet to get into will likewise exist on PCs.

    However, the iPod having gotten into the pockets of the young, universities and companies were determined to harness its power through podcasts, etc. If the same thing happens with iChat then 'boom' as SJ says.:)
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    Maybe it used to be. But I dont think so anymore. Im not no expert now. I have a PB 12" and a G3 and G4 PowerMac. The G4 PowerMac has many little problems that I have no clue how to fix. The G3 works for the most part except I still seem to have a problem opening up iTunes, System Profiler, iMovie even though I upgrade to a G4 ZIF and re-installed 10.4. And my PB, lol. Its barely two years old and its dying. Everytime I shutdown I cant boot it unless I pop in the 10.4 disc. And it freezes if I move it at all. So its gone form a laptop to a very wide Mac Mini. Ive had a Dell Laptop and Desktop before this and they both ran into no problems except viruses in a plus 5 year relationship. Plus the desktop kept its speed a lot better than these computers are. My PB used to feel like it was so fast, then it slowed. I upgraded to 1.25GB, so fast. Now its getting pretty slow. Clear the HD of 30GB. A bit faster, but still..... And those G4s for being PowerMacs they are hella slow. I really am doubting the whole Apples last longer.

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