Mac OS 9 troubles...yet again...

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by LimeiBook86, Aug 21, 2003.

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    I installed a new 200gb HD on my G3 Minitower, but I don't have an ATA 133 card so it's actually 127. I partitoned the disk in 4 sections (don't ask me why, I have my reasons) I installed Jaguar on the partition "Jaguar". Then I hooked up my firewire hard drive to boot into classic so i can install the Mac OS 9 on the partition "Classic" I install it to the drive classic but the system folder is not "blessed" In Startup Disk it gives me the option to startup from it but upon retstart the screen flashes and the G3 starts up in Jaguar. Any way to fix this? I tried to install 9.2.1 (update) but the classic enviroment froze. Maybe I have to update to 9.0.4 first, is there anything I am doing wrong?

    The 9 cd I installed OS 9 was a backup cd-rw that I made before my original disc was scratched up, the update disc was original. I have all the original discs but they are scratched, I have proof :p Well if anyone can help that'll be great. Thanks in advance :D
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    Re: Mac OS 9 troubles...yet again...

    MacOS 9.2 ships in the same box as MacOS X 10.1. [Jaguar does not ship with MacOS 9.x.] You can insert the 9.2 CD, restart and hold down the [c] key to boot from the CD. From there, you can install 9.2 on any of your three partitions. Then use Software Update to update 9.2 to the most recent version availabe for your computer. Another alternative is to find an uncompressed MacOS 9.2 System Folder on CD. Drag that to the root level of your Classic partition. It should boot into MacOS 9.

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