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Oct 25, 2001
Alright... So I've had OS X.1.1 installed for about 20 minutes.

Had some difficulty with the software update. Two updates were available, 10.1.1 and Airport 2.0. The first seemed to go okay, but then the Airport 2.0 installer hung at the "optimizing" step. I waited about 10 minutes with no progress (yes, I'm patient) and then killed the installer.

The box rebooted okay. This update is supposed to improve networking, USB & Firewire, Finder and printing support.

Alright! I think this might be the fix I've been waiting for...

So, I ran a few tests....

Test 1:
Connect to Windows 2000 machine using smb://<ip address>/<share name>

Failed. SMB still doesn't seem to work directly to a Windows machine by IP address (as the documentation suggests). Instead, you still need either a WINS server or fake it by adding a name resolution for the machine via NetInfo.
See the following for instructions/explanation:^1@.efbfa2c/0


Test 2:
Maybe my USB CD-RW drive is now being supported?

Failed. Looks like I'm only going to be using this device on my PC.

Test 3:
Maybe my Canon BJ-3010 printer is now supported?

Failed. Damn... I really don't use my PC that much...

Test 4:
Maybe contextual menus work in Finder list view?

Failed. How hard can this really be to fix?


BOOM! Kernel Panic...
Oh, sh*t...

Well, that hasn't happened in a while. Maybe had something to do with me testing all those (still) unsupported devices.

Bottom line...

Hope this update helps out some of you. It ain't doing much for me.



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Jun 7, 2001
Still no DVD playback on T.V's. This only affects pismos, and ti-books (1&2) but I would still like to be able to watch DVDs on my T.V. The DVD player in 10.1 is great but it's still nothing with out the abilty to watch DVDs on a T.V or monitor. I rather save money up for a iPod or Airport 2 than go by a DVD player.


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Nov 13, 2001
CD-R Driver?

I have a Sony Spressa USB CD Burner and OS X has never found it. Even with the release of iTunes 2 (which is awsome) and 10.1.1, I can't burn a damn thing. Anyone know what I can do? Thanks for your help...


MasterX (OSiX)

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Sep 3, 2001
USB? Wow

I'm surprised people use USB CD-RWs so much. When I get one it's FW all the way baby! 24/10/40 or bust :¬). Well unfortunatly is the listing of supported players. Although with OSX 10.1, Apple brought the OSX CD-RWs almost up to par with the OS 9 ones. Basically with the list, if you see your mechanism, maybe, if you see your device, certainly.

By the way, this 10.1.1 update adds more supported Cameras through Image Capture more than anything (if anything) else. Sorry. I'm still waiting for support for my old HP DeskJet (serial) which is AppleTalk complient, so I have an old LaserWriter w/a supported PPD… arg! Don't wanna get into it. USB Printer Sharing or old Printer Support would make me hapy (EITHER!).


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Sep 13, 2001
Portland, OR

I just installed 10.1.1 (5m28) and it took me all the way until the end of rebooting the computer to notice a problem. I immediately started up terminal to check what the build number was and it sat there. blinking (I've got bouncing off), for maybe 30 bounces. I brought the classic startup window back up from the dock, it lagged so badly I thought it had frozen. I tried to force quit while it was lagging. Maybe two minutes later the force quit thing finally comes up. I force quit terminal since it's not open yet. Just as I click force quit I notice it had started up. So I had to reopen it, which took a long time. Hopefully it will get better, but so far it sucks.


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Oct 23, 2001

No problems here.. and my Sony Spressa (FireWire) still works fine in Finder and iTunes..

BTW: What's the point of a CD burner which can burn at 12x, when the USB limits your maximum burning speed to 4x because that's wimpy old USB 1.1 connections can push? Until Mac offers USB 2, FireWire's the only way to go on externals.. then again, when USB 2 is incorporated, FireWire 2 will be as well.. so..


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Jul 20, 2001

I've got some problem with the download on my beige G3...I've tried the download 3 times, and each time, about 3/4 of the way through, the download gives an error.



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Nov 14, 2001
iBook and OS 10.1.1

In laymens terms, NO GO!...I have tried installing the update on my ICE iBook, but I keep getting a error....I had virtually No problems on my G4 codename "SilverGun"!! I want to update to 10.1.1, but it just isn't happening...I already have 10.1 on both my machines..thanks in advance.



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Oct 30, 2001
Way too many updates!

How many more updates until a real FULL version of OSX will be available, I was lead to believe 10.1 was the full version but no we are no where near it.

How much longer can one wait for it to be ready it is like it's still in beta testing...

Shamefull, Apple has really pushed it with this OS yeah sure going to be on of the best OS's around when and if it is completed but their is too few supports and native applications out for it.

You wonder why Apple has not realeased it for PC's (if it can be done at all) as if they did release it for PC's now their would not be much to use it for I mean we can still run classic to get all the apps running but PS's can't perhaps when it is finished and their are apps of all sorts that run nativly will we see PC's branding the X.


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Jul 18, 2001
Dendermonde/Leuven, Belgium
Originally posted by oldMac

Had some difficulty with the software update. Two updates were available, 10.1.1 and Airport 2.0. The first seemed to go okay, but then the Airport 2.0 installer hung at the "optimizing" step. I waited about 10 minutes with no progress (yes, I'm patient) and then killed the installer.

Same happened here. It hung, I rebooted, and then I did the AirPort update succesful.

Scab Cake

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Jul 26, 2001
"How many more updates until a real FULL version of OSX will be available, I was lead to believe 10.1 was the full version but no we are no where near it."

Don't forget, we're only around 7:00 on the OS X clock. :)

I haven't had a problem with OS 10.1.1. In fact, some things seem a little zippier. However, I did just recently do the window server compression thing in the terminal before performing the upgrade.

Anyway, I installed iDVD 2 last night and was hoping that the improved DVD burning would help with that buffer underrun problem on the superdrive.........nope. But, man, DVD burning is so cool. It actually played in my roommate's Playstation 2! That is so so so cool to me.


Works for Me

Either I'm really lucky or you guys are just cursed. I've been using OS X since the beta and I've never had a problem. Each update has been flawless and better than the next.

Granted somethings aren't supported yet, however that happens everywhere. When I upgraded to Windows 2000 I lost the ability to have dual monitors.

Granted I come from the Wintel and UNIX world, where nothing comes easy (have you ever tried to get a new PC game to work on a year old PC or a old game to work on a new PC).

So the upgrade went smoothly for me, but then again I also know how to program a VCR.



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Sep 5, 2001
No bad luck here.

I too have seen marked improvements in each update to X. I am anxiously waiting to get home so I can upgrade my boxes.

If it's only 7 o'clock I can't imagine what midnights gonna look like. :D


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May 4, 2001
Montgomery, AL USA
Wokred good on my Dual G4 800 and iMac DV SE at home, and worked good on my 450 BW G3, 300 Beige G3 here, and 500 TiBook here at work.

I am still pondering on using Unsupported Utility X on the 9600 hundred at my desk....

The only problem I still have is Copying a large amount of small files from CD. It slows down. I copied over 3000 files in a 500 meg chink from a cd and it pretty much crippled the machine.

Besides that, everythings great, and UT in Classic is still giving me 45 + frames per second, so I am happy :)


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Oct 25, 2001
Xapplimatic, you're right...

Xapplimatic, you're absolutely right. There is no point in burning with USB when I could be burning with firewire. Please send me $100 so that I can buy the proper firewire case. Thanks.


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Oct 25, 2001
usb burners

Yeah, not only send us money for a FW burner, but send me money for a firewire MAC as well! I have a 266 imac so firewire is out of the question.


Jul 9, 2000
re; whatever: works for me

whatever's comments about the wintel world's os problems should make us mac users take note

nothing comes very easy in the world of pcs in a beta or initial windows release and the problems are too much to os x looked much better in comparison

when windows 2000 came out, it was supposed to unify business users and home users once and for all...and dos was supposed to go by the wayside

instead, windows me came out later and hung on to dos and microsoft's big campaign to make windows 2000 the great unifier failed and the early sales of w2k bombed

windows xp is doing what w2k was supposed to do many, many months ago and the high requirements of xp made microsoft lose out on sales forcing many users to move to new computers...which they obviously won't

ntfs, the main way to set up a wintel hard drive in NT, 2000, and xp, complies with the us govt's DoD C2 security standard but makes drivers a really sketchy issue and thus makes xp and 2000 a bad choice for home users

pc techs still need to know dos as well as the nt language and have to know their way around attaining drivers

and pc gaming... who knows what will happen with that except that wintel users will have to stay with 98 but can't enjoy the newer machines because of xp and the small list of games that will properly work on them

so many people will stay with 98 and me and some diehards will stay with windows 95...all this gives us pc techs a lot of good work ...but thank god my macs and apple os' at home don't have to make me work for them, too

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Jul 18, 2001
Dendermonde/Leuven, Belgium
Adapter Indicator iBook & OS X 10.1.1


I have a new iBook 600, with such a cool new adapter with a led-light on the connector (the one you plug into your iBook). Normally it's green when the battery is loaded, and orange when it's loading, but now I notice it's green all the time, although the battery is loading.

Could it have something to do with the OS X 10.1.1 update??
Or is it something else?

Ensign Paris

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Nov 4, 2001
OS X.11

My Experience:

I have had NO PROBLEMS with OS X.11 or X.1

I think its ready for the mainstream

Pretty useless post really!


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Oct 14, 2001
Mr. Paris,

Just because it is good for you does not mean it is good for others!

OSX is definately NOT ready for mainstream adoption. The only people I can recomend it for are those NOT on a network.

OSX networking is crap! period. OS9 works much better than OSX. Therefor if you do any serious networking work related jobs then you must stay away from OSX until it is fixed.

NT is not fully supported in OSX. Win 2000 works but has many issues.

I use and love my OSX at home. I won't use it at work.
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