Mac OS X/Apple apps Loading Graphic?

David Aames

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Feb 18, 2005
Calgary, AB
Hi guys,

I was wondering if anyone has a .gif of this circular loading bar graphic?

I used the one from MSN load screen, but you can also see when you boot up OS X.

Any links to it would be greatly appreciated.



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Jun 13, 2004
I know there's a thread with a link to one in the Community Discussion Center although I can't seem to find it right now. Also Macrumors member e-coli has it as his/her avatar. Not sure if they made it themselves or found it somewhere though....from what I read in the thread in Community Discussion forum, a graphic file does not exist on Macs because it is made on the fly as OS X boots up.


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Jul 27, 2002
I have a .gif of the graphic. Just shoot me a message on the forum w/ your e-mail and I'll send it to you.
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