Mac OS X experiment with Businesses


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Oct 28, 2001
San Luis Obispo, CA
I recently heard of an experiment dealing with major corporations and Mac OS X. All major coroporations have to pay a price when they buy a PC, as we all know. A cult of people at a *major corporation* (I was not told name do to security reasons) decided to perform a little experiment with the Mac.

The *cult* got around 30 macs, and they are letting 30 people use each mac for a given amount of time. Each mac is running OS X. The cult is going to record EVERYTHING done with the 30 macs, and 30 PCs. A note *The people using the macs were JUST taught how to use OS X*

The cult is recording all data in this expirement. Dealing with all problems, techies coming in to fix the computers, networks being down, viruses, etc.

From what I have heard, the Macs are WAY WAY WAY ahead in the experiment. The good news is that this experiment will be presented to the board of the company, and will be a *business solution* for the company.

If anyone has more info on this, go ahead and add on to my post.


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Mar 20, 2002
Kosice - Slovakia
Calm down

OK calm down a bit... ;-)
I am currently rinning a test in a MAJOR consulting and system integration firm here in Europe. This test started in November 2001.
Let face it, MacOS X is not yet ready for deploiement as a client OS in corporations mostly due to lack of driver and software.
For example, we would need to buy to much additional software to integrate Mac is our daily plate-form :
Dave, VPC, other solution to connect to our VPN,...

You always have the lake of software, (lake of MS Access, Project and Visio (no, sending visio files to a server in Ukrain to have it transated to ConceptDraw is not an option for our American security officer)) Notes 6 still in early beta on MacOS X. No SAP or Seibel client fully supported, lake of outlook native. No real player...

You have file compatibility issues with Office X : lake of long file name support, unable to embeded or edit Powerpoint slide (not images) pasted into MS Word document, bullet font substitution, no geogaphic mapping of data in excel...

You can not yet print to many office printer/fax like the Xerox document centers (lake of driver+bug not allowing you to print with appletalk nore direct TCPIP connection)

BUT I am 100% in favor of MacOS X and I have made it personal to use my Powerbook G4 instead of my PC laptop in more than 80% of the time (I am spending my own money to make it work because I said that it could be done. I don't want to get wrong!)

I hope 10.2 will fix a lot of this and be here soon. MW Tokyo???


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Oct 14, 2001
I am in a similar situation.

I use OSX at home.

We tried to impliment it at work, but because OSX does not work with NT in classic mode, we can not use OSX. We could use "Dave", but we decided we were way to exhausted after tring to get OSX to work that we just gave up on the problem for now and we have gone back to OS9.

OSX is NOT ready for large scale buisness environments. The publishing industry is livid with Apple right now.