Mac OS X--What are your opinions?


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Oct 31, 2001
This is a general discussion about Mac OS X, and it's not a "rumor" thread. I wondered how people were generally pleased with OS X over OS 9.
Does anyone MISS OS 9?

How do you think the OS should develop? e.g. What would you want to have in Mac OS X 11.1 etc. It will probably develop in a totally different way compared to the way the Mac OS has developed before.

I feel that Mac OS 9 seems to be just as far as that OS can go. But OS X has a future. It is a UNIX based OS (Darwin), with the stability, multitasking, memory protection etc. to enable it to evolve into a super 21st century OS.

OK, the Mac can function in many ways, the Finder is easy to use and the column view makes it easy to see the hierarchy, the spring loaded folders will come back to us in 10.2 it seems, things missing from 9 like USB printer sharing, etc. will be provided for X quite soon I predict.
Also, many apps are being "carbonized" and ported to the platform, i.e. MS office, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop 7, Flash MX, etc. BUT

What next?

What do we want in X, besides those functions in 9, besides the same apps being ported over to X, besides getting our scanners to work?

It's time to go beyond OS 9, and OFCOURSE beyond Windows XP, totally, completely!

After Most apps are ported, and after most 9 functionalities and optimisation is done, then it will be extremely interesting where Apple guides us from there.

I thought this kind of topic is interesting, since it is apple's future, and at the same time it is the future of Personal Computers in general.

Probably some of you have tried "3DOSX", a 3d browser for files. YES it is slow, especially on my iBook 500, and yes it is hard to use, but it kind of introduces some new concepts to computing..

I'm babbling now, soooo
FIRE AWAY with your wishes for the future of the mac platform. Think Big!, not just Different.


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Jan 6, 2002
Buffy's bedroom
Do I miss OS 9?


I had to boot into 9 the other day, and it is a joke - compared to X, that is, I'd still take it over windoze any day. It is an eyesore and lacks any stability whatsoever (again, compared to X.)

Sorry to any OS 9 loving folks out there. By the time you read this post, I'll have my flame-retardant gear well and truly zipped up.

As for the future of the Mac OS... that's a hard one. Once we have all the OS 9 functionality back, it's hard to think what I'd like to add to X. But I remember thinking a similar thing about System 7 - how could it ever be improved? Heh heh... :)

I think future technologies will shape future iterations of the Mac OS more than extra features and the like. The Internet steered OSs in quite a different direction to where they were heading. I think it will continue to do so.

Todays broadband will be tomorrow's 28K modems. We will see DVD quality streaming video (drool). I'm not quite so sure on this one, but I wouldn't be surprised if 'pay per use,' Internet-based apps become the norm.

The digital hub will become more important as more and more household appliances will be able to be controlled by our Macs. Of course, the OS will have to change to accommodate this.

And my final point isn't so much an OS one, but while I'm on this future-trip I'd mention wires.

Wires **** me.

There will be no wires in the future. And I will be happy.

...and I'm spent.


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Nov 22, 2001
I really dont like using OS9 anymore! Its a good system, but, OSX is much better. I will be even happier when the remaining bugs are ironed out. +add scanning support.


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Feb 25, 2002
I love 9

except for its stability of course.

I tried the public beta of X and 10.1.3, but in the end it was too unresponsive on this lombard powerbook (with 320 meg ram) to be worth the effort.

I do look forward to using it when I get my next machine, but given that I'll be using it largely for recording I may still be booting back into 9 a lot.

I think people forget too easily that 9 was the culmination of a lot of work, and even though it crashes pathetically often, it's still a wicked OS.

Stuff like being able to move files round with impunity and its ability to withstand crashes that would cause problems for other OSs shouldn't be overlooked.

Anyway, thank God we've got both. I'll be annoyed when the first gen of non-dual-bootable machines comes out


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Jan 2, 2001
Metairie, LA
I have to use OS 9 still at work specifically for the font management (ATM)...
9 seems to run faster than X does...
every application seems to be available for 9...

on my TiBook though...X has been my startup disc for about 5 months now...
X looks so much better than 9 does...9 just looks "dated"...
X doesn't have system freezes like 9 does...
X doesn't need to be restarted due to fragmented RAM...
X seems to take everything that 9 can do and somehow do it better (except for speed issues)

I do find the absolute need to startup in 9 occasionally to do some work while at home...but as soon as I finish...I'm back to X...he he he

hmm...I know there's more but I'm still on my daily dosage of caffeine...


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Jan 9, 2002
Ha ha haaa!
1. Too slow.
2. Too slow.
3. Too slow.
4. Not enough preferences/options.
5. Too slow.

All of this will be fixed in due time. I love everything else about it! :D


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Jan 31, 2002
Its good.

And, um...
Yeah, its good.

Seriously though, I would like to see more audio support in OS X. We are nowhere near the level of support that OS 9 had. No recording/editing apps exist (or very few--especially pro type apps) and you can't even set the bloody input volume on the system prefs. Sheesh.



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Nov 6, 2001
does anyone NOT have OS9 installed at all? I'm planning on just going OSX all the way because I have not used OS9 once since I started a while back.


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Nov 22, 2001
What do you do if you have a program that requires you to install in OS9 then update for OSX +you have not got OS9 installed???

What do I want to see in OS X?


OS X is slow, so slow in fact that the latest dual-GHz G4s are apparently being left in the dust by single-processor Athlon systems. Even the P4, with its ever-scaling clock speed, is starting to kick the Mac's ass, but I do not believe it has anything to do (or has little to do) with the hardware.

What I do not understand is this: X is supposed to be a Unix-based system. Unix is supposed to be fast, efficient. Linux reportedly makes an old 68k Mac about 3x faster than the old System 7 does. Unix is fast. Why isn't OS X?

I read that it has something to do with the aged code that is the particular brand of BSD Unix that is used. Brilliant decision boys.

Does anyone have any knowledge of this subject?


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May 9, 2001

I never like it, I install it, 2 days later I didn't delete it, I re-formated the drive so no trace of OSX could be found.

If you take a way the unix part of OSX, you will en up with the brain of Carmen Electra "a ussless piece of crap".

OS9 is an old evolutionary experience system, OSX is a new experiment that promisses a lot but with problems like OS9, different problems but problems at list.

The main difference is a different and anoying desktop, more speed (for me that is only a rumor) and that UNIX (I do not use UNIX). On th other hand, not even the shadow of the ammount of software that I use for OSX, definitly not friendly/intuitive for a Mac person and with some basic incopmatibilities that I have found installing OSX softwares.

I will wait for another year until Apple finished doing experiments with the OSX users, than I will install it again. May be OSXI.

For now, OS9 is under my domain and that is what I want.

I guess the porpouse of this tread is because there is another unsitisfy costumer of OSX.

All what we cand do is expect to get a better version of it.


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Mar 9, 2002
OSX.... hmmm..... stable, slow, eyecandy, I love the dock, I use it alot......

Sometimes though, the eye candy is alittle much, I'd like to see them do a Hi-Performance version, so that it junks the eye candy in favour of outright speed and performance...... I use the Graphite option as I think Aqua is alittle.... sweet shop.....

I use OS 9 for net use, as OSX hasn't got decent support for net connection in the UK yet..... I also do all my rendering in OS9 as it knocks OSX firmly back into its box.......

All in all though, as soon as the speed is upto par, and they release director for OSX I'll be working natively in OSX, until then OS9 still has it's advantages, speed been one of them, and I don't find it particularly unstable.......

Mr. Anderson

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Nov 1, 2001
I haven't switched over to OSX fully yet so I'll working in both worlds. As soon as I get PS7,GoLive6,Illustrator10, and FlashMX I'll be moving over. It just might take longer than I want it too. I need to spread the upgrades out over time, not drop almost $1k.

Maybe by that time, OSX will run without any speed issues.


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Oct 5, 2001
San Diego, CA
Speed == Options

We will se better speed when Apple provides us options to turn down/off the GUI enhancements...or when the OS becomes much more streamlined...or when we're running it on G5s at 2 GHz.

The situation is dependant on many variables.