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MP 1,1-5,1 Mac Pro 3,1 no longer starts up


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Jun 30, 2007
Looking for any advice on what could be wrong with my Mac Pro 3,1 which no longer boots. I had the machine plugged into a UPS, but the batteries in it are no longer viable. There was a power fluctuation; I heard the UPS beep and the Mac Pro shut down. I have not been able to revive it since.
  • Pushing the power button I can hear and see fans start up, the white power light is solid. I can turn it off with no issue by holding the power button.
  • There is no startup sound or video output to the monitor
  • USB Keyboard appears unresponsive (caps lock light does not activate). However checking with other accessories, USB ports do provide power.
  • RAM risers boards light up red LEDs briefly when I turn it on, and then go out after a second or two.
  • I have removed all non-essential components including all RAM except 2 DIMMS one in each riser, Removed USB3 PCIe card, Removed all SATA drives, Disconnected DVD drive. Left in ATI 5770 and AHCI PCIe SSD (boot drive).
  • I replaced the PRAM battery and cleaned out dust from the inside.
  • Attempted to boot with the original video card it came with (Fan sounded terrible, but other than that it made no difference)
At this point I am thinking either power supply or logic board, but I am not sure which is more likely.
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