Mac Pro and OS X Leopard - The best of Apple, yet?

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Aug 9, 2006.

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    umm.. of course it is the best of apple! it is the most modern.. technology usually works that way.. it gets better... apple is no exception. so one might figure that what they release next year at wwdc might merit the same title. so every product that apple releases that is not worse than its predecessor or a higher line is "the best of apple"..
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    By saying "the best of apple", that meant if that's the best Apple can do. It's like me saying "best of microsoft". I definitely know that Windows XP was not Microsoft's best. And I don't think Vista will be either, by the way it's coming along.
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    Uh, yea...

    The best of Microsoft was when they released Windows 2000 Professional (Prior to outsourcing development to India for SP3 of course).

    Think about it, stable, reliable, the first MS OS that really worked well in a network and as a workstation for both home and business users. Still widely used within large organizations because it was "good enough".

    It has all been down hill since 2000 SP3.
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