Mac security concerns answered

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jan 17, 2006.

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    Link: Mac security concerns answered
    Description:: Technology commentator Bill Thompson responds to the feedback he received over his column suggesting that Mac users are too smug about computer security.

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    A fairly open response (and credit to him for that).
    Also a fairly clear argument, and one that has been aired a large number of times here, that Mac owners do need to take precautionary measures.
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    I appreciate that he addressed some of the issues with his first column, but he still seems to be saying that we're irresponsible for not having any viruses.
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    I didn't get that impression.

    Many Mac users, however, are irresponsible for having the cavalier (and incorrect) attitude that it is impossible to get a virus.

    As he wrote, there is no need to purchase or install extra security software. There is, however, still a need to keep your system up to date with the latest updates and to practice responsible computing (e.g. don't download or attempt to open strange attachments.)

    I think most of us know this, but there are many Mac-zealots who will crucify you for stating this obvious fact. (And for all I know, I'm about to become the victime of them for writing this message.)
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    There's a podcast with Bill thompson being interviewed about the 'Intel in Macs' story on the BBC website here if anyone is interested.

    Also an interview with David Fanning, the editor of Macworld UK. Sounds like hes well placed in the editors chair because he sums things up nicely

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