mac songs


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Dec 29, 2001
go to and serch for
macintosh or imac or something mac related
and you will find that their are heaps of mac songs out there
some are good ans some aren't
but its worth the look


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Jan 2, 2001
Metairie, LA
what do u mean?

are u talking about folk style affirmation of love for a Macintosh...

or actual songs used by Apple for their promos & such?


Jun 4, 2000
Alexandria, VA
This is the best one I've ever seen.

"I Think We're A Clone Now" (set to the tune of the similar Beatles title (...or Tiffany title, depending on your age!))

I've got the full high-quality 64MB version sitting on a CD at home, but the only one I could find on-line is a link to a 4.5MB version. It's actually a whole music video. In this version the video is a little hazy, but the audio is clean. Worth a look. The end-all / be-all of Apple songs. It was made by a guy (I can't recall his name or exact history) who was fairly high on the totem poll at Apple working on the Mac, back when the cloning deal went down in the early 90's under Spindler.

See the link ->

In the video table, look for "We are a clone now" and click the "Video High" button next to it. The page is in German, but the movie links are in English.



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May 28, 2001
Blakespot, priceless.
You found the Windows World part two?:p
Let's hope we can see some recent footage as well, when X & G5 rule!