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Mac Volumes in Windows


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Jan 17, 2014
So finally i have my Windows 10 up and running. Even with the BootCamp startup control panel...

...showing the options "MacOS" and "Windows". Which works fine so far, booting to the last booted Mac Disk. Which should be in most cases exactly what i want.

But shouldn't it show all the bootable Mac volumes one by one instead? And shouldn't i have at least read access to the Mac volumes in Explorer? I do not get to see any of them. Not even the HFS+ formatted ones. While "seeing" APFS volumes does not seem to be a problem as the volume the machine boots into out of Windows is such.

Did i miss to install something? Machine is cMP 5,1, Windows is 10 Enterprise Edition 1909, Mac OS is 10.13.6, installed Mac drives are two 1TB NVMe Sticks on PCIe adapters, formatted APFS, and two 1TB spinning hard drives, formatted HFS+. Bootcamp is installed of the iMacPro 1,1 package.

Sorry, if this has been answered (many times?) before. But i was not able to find an answer solving the case.
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