mac vs pc - armagetron - in fps

Discussion in 'Games' started by hjhhjh, Oct 13, 2004.

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    Sep 30, 2004
    mac vs pc - armagetron - in fps

    kk i have is running at a range of 154-175 on my powerbook g4 1.33 ghz 768 mb ram - ge force FX 5200 go

    2200 non 64 bit athalon at school runs it at 54 fps avg up to 70 - desktop - ge force 3 - 32 mb

    my friends lap top pentium 4 2.8 ghz 512 mb ram geforce 4 go 32 mb runs it at 80-90 fps avg

    try it on ur comp whether its a mac or pc - its a simple free ware game heres the url

    its a really fun game too, comps with high iqs are impossible to beat literally

    the game is like the 2 bikes in tron where u try and cut the other guy off

    tell me ur fps i wanna compare my pb to ne of ur comps :p thx
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