Mac Zone Memory For Intel Motherboard?


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Aug 8, 2002
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I was looking thorough the latest issue of the Mac Zone catolog(Vol. 125d for those that get it, the holiday issue) and I went to the last inside page(right before the inside back cover) and was looking at the prices for memory. Each block of memory has the usual headings: 168Pin DIMM, PC100, 72PinSIMM, etc., with the exception of the last block of memory. The heading reads: New Intel D845BG Motherboard. That block offers 128, 256, & 512MB memory modules. Being that I though this was strange, I called the Mac Zone 800 number and inqured about the memory. The representative said to me:
"There are no Intel motherboards in Macs."
"But it is listed in Mac Zone..." I said.
"That must be a mistake."
A mistake perhaps, or perhaps an error on the part of Mac Zone publishing something they shouldn't have until after Jan? Perhaps now, the reps have been given the standard"There are no Intel motherboards in Macs" to cover something up?
I also went to their website and in the search field entered the item# for the 128MB module. It brought me to a ordering form for that particular module and said it could be used in both mac/pc(nothing unusual as a lot of memory is cross platform), but said nothing in the listing about Intel.
Am I grasping at straws here, or does anyone think there's something to this?


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Jul 18, 2002
I accidentally my whole location.
It's probably a screw-up since even if Apple were to release x86 Macs, Mac Zobe probably wouldn't know about it.

And I just checked Intel's site and there is no motherboard with that designation.

I don't think they'll release an x86 Mac anytime soon (if ever) but the amount of 'slip-ups' and 'leaks' about this particular subject concerns me.

Edit: but there is a D845BG Intel MB


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Jul 24, 2002
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This is clearly a mistake. The only company that is stupid enough to still use PC100 is Apple. PC100 is horribly slow. If Apple was going to use PC boards A) they probably wouldn't use Intel since they've been talking about how much Intel processors suck for so long B) Even if they were using Intel processors they wouldn't be Intel branded boards C) They would have RamBUS or DDR Ram. If they didn't it would be the biggest joke of a PC since the clamshell iBook.