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Mar 2, 2002
Have you guys noticed the new forum and how the forums have changed? Instead of clicking to MacRumors Forums you now go to MacRumors/MacApps or something like that?

What happened? Interesting though, as I found this website.


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Feb 7, 2002
this could probably play better in the mac discussion area..

yeah-arn has started that as a webpage for the most popular mac apps.

i believe there was a thread in the mac section about which are peoples' favorite apps.

he doesn't want it to be another versiontracker, just a listing of all the best, most used mac apps. (from what i understand)


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Apr 9, 2001
Hi, is a new site I just opened.

The point of the site will be to hilight useful/unique Mac Applications. It's open and working... but I'll announce it off the main site, once some more content goes online.



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mmm interesting

I really like the idea, its a good one and there is a place for such a thing to create more information on apps for mac to combat one of the cardinal misunderstanding of macs.

A: Too expensive
B: No software
C: incompatible with school or work or their mama's computer

So it addresses B:

The site looks good, but TOO similar to too many others! Like Macslash.

You need something to set it apart, IMHO