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Discussion in 'Mac Scene' started by vniow, May 6, 2003.

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    Jul 18, 2002
    I accidentally my whole location.
    There seems to be lot of rumors coming out of this French site lately, I'm not sure how long they've been around, but what's their track record?
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    Nov 1, 2001
    Remember the big uproar over the new case design (mirrored drives)? Well that original picture came from them.

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    Jul 18, 2002
    I accidentally my whole location.
    Well I know about that (it was actually that which led me to this site), but what about other predictions that they made which came true?
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    Jul 18, 2002
    I accidentally my whole location.
    MacBidouille's track record summary part 1:

    Heh, I did a search before I posted this thread, but I only got about half that for some reason..

    Anyhoo, here's my summary of all the rumors (hardware mostly, I'm not including OS updates and such since everyone knows they're leaked and I'm not including those that are more like news items, like when they found Sony Superdrives instead of Pioneer ones in the iMacs)

    Way off

    4-6 Processor Macs?

    Dated May 08, 2002

    It described a rack mount server with 4-6 processors, its May 06, 2003 and no such thing has been seen since.

    G4 at MWNY

    Dated June 28, 2002

    Some quotes from the main article:

    The first line has been confirmed sine its already a few months into 2003 and there's no G5 yet, the second line is way off since there are no 7460s in existence and no new Powermacs came in July, the third one is also pretty far out there because the general concensus is that the DDR Powermacs (and any other G4 Mac with DDR) do not take full advantage of the extra bandwith so it seems like that rumor was moot.

    AMD and Apple Rumors Part II

    Dated November 21, 2002

    This one claims that while Apple will be using a 64-bit CPU in the following months, it will be made by AMD rather than IBM which goes completely contrary to all these 970 rumors that they've been spewing out in the past few weeks.

    New iMacs on Jan 7th?

    Dated December 18, 2002

    MWSF has come and gone and while they were correct on some of the details (1Ghz G4, 512MB RAM, show focused on wireless and mobile items, its the year of the laptop people..) they were off on others (120GB drive, no iMac priced 1200-1400 euros higher, 15" iMacs still around and they were wrong about the date)

    MacWorld SF Innovations, March PowerMacs?

    Dated December 31, 2002

    MWSF innovations yes.
    March Powermacs no.

    iMac Updates by Next Week?

    Dated January 14, 2003

    They were a few weeks off on this one, updated iMacs were released February 4th, 2003.

    Boot OS 9 on new PowerMacs?

    Dated February 22, 2003

    Even though most of the thread was made up of senseless OS9/OSX bickering, there were a few people who actually stayed on topic and gave the hack a shot.
    Without any luck unfortunately.

    7457 in the Powerbook 17 inch?

    Dated February 28, 2003

    As you can see from a picture I took of the processor from an entire take-apart of the 17", it is clearly a 7450.

    10GB iPod EOL'd?

    Dated April 03, 2003

    New iPods are here and so is the older 10GB.

    970 Ready for Production?

    Dated April 09, 2003

    Here they claim that the 970 will begin production by April 16th.
    Its May 6th and no 970 yet...

    Close, but no cigar

    DDR PowerMacs Aug 5th

    Dated July 24, 2002

    They got DDR right (but then again, so could anyone at that point) but the dates were more than a week off.

    Big Changes Coming...

    Dated January 27, 2003

    They were right about certain configurations of many of the new models being able to boot into OS9, but I'm not sure if I would call the changes made to the lineup since that post 'deepy altered'.

    Spot on!

    Oxford 922?

    Dated March 26, 2002

    The new FW800 controllers do in fact use an Oxford 922 chipset, a quick Google confirmed it.

    Pro Mac Photos?

    Dated July 21, 2002

    This was the one that made MacBidoulle a household name in the Mac rumor commumity with their astonishingly accurate photos of the MDD Powermacs, later confirmed by a PDF posted at this site.

    Phasing out OS 9, Here Comes Jaguar

    Dated August 01, 2002

    Here they report that Jaguar will not include OS9 install discs.
    It doesn't.

    333Mhz DDR?

    Dated August 07, 2002

    Yep, the MDD Powermac and the new Xserve do indeed take 333Mhz DDR RAM sticks.

    1Ghz and 1.2GHz Ugrades

    Dated September 03, 2002

    Powerlogix did in fact release dual upgrades up to 1.2Ghz not too long after that rumor was posted.
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    Jul 18, 2002
    I accidentally my whole location.
    MacBidouille's track record summary part 2:

    Still waiting...(unconfirmed)

    No G5's until (late) 2003

    Dated June 21, 2002

    Some of the claims in the article seem to be false, like newer G4s using Hypertransport, but others seem to have been confirmed (sorta) like the mention of an Xserve cluster of some sort and Macs being made out of aluminum but there is still no official word on the supposed G5 out yet so those claims go unconfirmed.

    MWSF 2003 Rumor Tidbits

    Dated January 02, 2003

    They claim here that MWSF will reveal 11 announcements, I'm not sure of this, anyone else know?

    PPP 970 in July?

    Dated February 28, 2003

    Here comes the MacBidouille 970 talk that seemingly came out of nowhere, its not July yet no there's no conformation on this rumor as of now.

    IBM PPC 970 in Macs at WWDC?

    Dated March 10, 2003

    WWDC hasn't arrived yet so no conformation on this as of now.

    PPC 970 Apple Motherboards?

    Dated March 18, 2003

    IBM's 970 (which by now everyone should know is rumored to make its way into future Macs) hasn't begun shipping yet so no conformation on this one as of now. What's intresting about this particular rumor is that another site with questionable accuracy predicted something similar at almost the exact same time.

    PPC970 and WWDC Rumors: Part 2

    Dated March 25, 2003

    A continuation of the earlier 970/WWDC rumors by the same site.
    Like before, the 970 hasn't even shipped yet so there is no way to confirm this as of now.

    Mac OS X 10.3 Panther Details

    Dated March 26, 2003

    This one (a nice departure from the 970 rumors) claims that 10.3 will feature a new file system similar to BeOS's.
    It also claims that 10.3 will provide significant performance boosts over 10.2.
    Like the numerous 970 rumors, the item hasn't begun shipping yet and beta builds of 10.3 are nowhere to be found so this one is also unconfirmed as of now.

    No 970 in Powerbook yet; AGP 8x and HyperTransport in PMac

    Dated April 10, 2003

    Not much new here, 970 hasn't arrived yet and neither have any systems that may include it and blah blah yadda yadda...

    Apple to sue Motorola?

    Dated April 15, 2003

    This is only a rumor for now, no official annoucement has been made so this one goes unconfirmed.

    Real PC Details

    Dated April 16, 2003

    A potential competitor to Connectix's Virtual PC has popped up now that the latter has been acquired by Microsoft. The product hasn't been released yet so this is yet another unconfirmed rumor.

    Motorola CounterAttack?

    Dated April 21, 2003

    Like with the previous Motorola/Apple lawsuit rumor, no announcement has been made so it goes unconfirmed like like all the rest.

    Also of note, anybody else find it funny in a strange sort of way that both of the rumors about the lawsuit come only from MacBidouille?

    PPC 970 PowerMac in May? (Updated to correct a misinterpretetion, reports say that Macs containing 970s will be on sale after WWDC, not the month of May)

    Dated: May 02, 2003

    Unconfirmed as of this date, just like all the others in this particular section...

    90nm 970's for Powerbooks?

    Dated May 04, 2003

    15" Powerbooks are overdue for an update and some rumors claim that a 970 will make its way into the next revision while others claim that it will remain a G4 until the one after the next, no Powerbooks have been updated yet, so this is another unconfirmed rumor...

    Rumored Timeline: G4, 970 and Beyond

    Dated May 05, 2003

    While the 970 talk here is unconfirmed as usual, the claims of a high-end Xstation are similar to what was submitted to Macrumors awhile back.

    PowerMac 970 Benchmarks?

    Dated May 05, 2003

    As if the MacBioudille 970 talk couldn't get any more wacky, now they claim to have benchmarks of systems with the not yet released processor!
    As with all other 970-in-Macs talk, this is unconfirmed as of now since no Macs which contain the 970 have been announced.

    MacBidouille Rumors Followup

    Dated March 06, 2003

    To sum up the numerous 970 rumors that have been spewing from this one site recently, they have kindly provided more specific details on their supposed findings.
    Still unconfirmed as of now, but we will preciousssss....


    MacBidouille seems to be a fairly reputable rumors site, not exceptional, but they've had their moment in the spotlight.
    They seem to be about 50/50 or so with most of their predictions and there have been an astonishing amount of rumors about the PPC970 coming from them in the past few weeks, only time will tell if any will become true or not....
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    back in NYC!
    Next time someone asks about MB I am going to redirect them
    to those last 2 exceptional posts. But is something wrong with
    our spam queen? I don't understand these long posts..... ;)
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    and lots of stuff that is wrong. Macbidouille's always been a on-again off-again sort of rumor site. I think this has to do with the observation they will publish most rumors - regardless of reliability. Which is fine to do -- but just something to be aware of.

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    Nov 1, 2001
    One good thing that they've had recently is the english version of their site. It always had issues when you needed to translate it.

    Its a good resource and I'll check there once in a while.


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