Macbook 12 Inch - £1995 repair bill in 3.5 years - 3 new logic boards, 1 new Keyboard

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by tfking, Jun 3, 2019.

  1. tfking macrumors newbie

    Dec 5, 2016
    2015 Macbook (Retina 12-inch) purchased 04-Nov-2015 on Amazon UK

    Not sure how Apple think it's ok for a customer to have this sort of experience with their products. I've made countless trips to the "Genius Bar" where they take advantage of customers. Fortunately, I don't depend on this laptop for anything critical like running a business or else they would have had me in a vice grip and squeezed me for as much as they could.

    I have not paid for one repair, but I think this is academic. Had I paid for repairs not sure their customer service would've been much better.

    So as I am reminded by the so called "Genius Bar" staff the Macbook 12 inch has a logic board with everything soldered onto it forming the guts of the entire laptop. They don't repair these, they replace them. As you can imagine at great cost. Point is, this machine is on it's third logic board in 3.5 years at great inconvenience to me. I don't make a habit of long posts on forums (especially at 1am at night) and hate visiting "Genius Bars" posing as a cash cow.

    I just want to let people know the other side to this so called "cool" company. At this point I'm not hopeful this laptop will be fixed. I assure you it has caused me a great deal of distress regardless of any consumer laws as I am not familiar with invoking them.

    06-Dec-2016, 2016 Repair Bill: £835.20 Total

    Price Item Number Description
    £212.00 661-02243 Top Case with Keyboard, Space Gray
    £415.00 661-02249 Logic Board, ETSI, 1.1GHz, 256 GB
    £ 69.00 S1490LL/A Hardware Repair Labor
    £139.20 VAT
    £835.20 Total


    21-Jan-2019, Repair Bill: £580.80 Total
    Estimated Pickup Time: 21-Jan-2019
    Customer Information
    Product Information
    Warranty Status: Out of Warranty (OW)
    United Kingdom
    Model: MACBOOK (RETINA, 12-INCH, EARLY 2015)
    Date of Purchase: 04-Nov-2015

    Problem Description/Diagnosis
    Issue: Customer has come in today due to issue with hard drive, it will intermittently show up.
    Steps to Reproduce:
    any other Genius that was taking the appointment did see that he couldn’t see the hard drive when bottom into diagnostics, I took over and did pray reset and ran mri.

    MRI passed
    Cosmetic Condition:
    Display: display have few marks round the sides and edges of the display, few marks on the back of the display clamshell.

    Top case: few marks round the sides of the top case and on the top side of the top case.

    Bottom case: multiple marks on the bottom case.
    Proposed Resolution:
    Booking in for triage

    Run full diagnostics start with ASD OS and EFI
    Mac OS Version: Unknown
    Hard Drive Size: 251
    Memory Size: 8192

    Employee 973589710

    Repair Estimate
    Item Number
    Amount Due
    Customer KBB
    Logic Board, ETSI, 1.1GHz, 256 GB
    £ 415.00
    £ 415.00

    Hardware Repair Labor
    £ 69.00
    £ 69.00

    £ 96.80

    £ 484.00
    £ 580.80


    03-June-2019 Proposed Resolution: Machine needs MLB - OOW at £580.80 Total
    Warranty Status: Out of Warranty (OW)

    United Kingdom Model: MACBOOK (RETINA, 12-INCH, EARLY 2015)
    Date of Purchase: 04-Nov-2015

    Issue: Customer states the computer stopped powering on again.
    SMC or PRAM did not solve the issue.
    Unable to run diagnostics.
    Keyboard doesn’t have backlight on.

    Steps to Reproduce: Took to minimal systems and trying starting the Mac up with various parts disconnected to try isolate issue but did not ever turn on.
    MLB is getting power from IO board & Flex as light is appearing after connecting to charge but no further power to turn the machine on.

    Proposed Resolution: Machine needs MLB - OOW at £580.80

    Unfortunately, machine is outside previous repairs 90 day coverage. Not eligible for consumer law as bought outside EU and not from Apple.
    Resolution: Customer Declined
    Reason: Repair Cost
  2. apiro macrumors regular

    Oct 23, 2017
    Ha. Got my maxed out MacBook from keyboard replacement on Monday from Apple Regent Street. The keyboard was not British so had to be ordered and was not lying around in their storage for long. When I got my Macbook there was a huge chip on the replacement top case and even worse the Macbook details were screwed wrong and the bottom case did not align with the top case on the right side... Wonderful as of late Apple QA/QC.

    At least the whole staff clapped profoundly to the resigning employee that day. Good job. They clearly know what's important.
  3. tfking thread starter macrumors newbie

    Dec 5, 2016
    on the first repair (06-Dec-2016) you can see the keyboard was replaced free of charge. The Store staff insisted I pay for this repair despite it being common knowledge that there was a design problem with the butterfly keyboards. Since then Apple have acknowledged this design fault and offer free repairs. Good thing I escalated the issue at the time to more senior staff at Apple Support and someone there had the good sense to acknowledge the poor user experience.

    So far they refuse to acknowedge 3 logic boards in 3.5 years is poor reliability.
  4. apiro macrumors regular

    Oct 23, 2017
    "A small number of users" as they say.
  5. tfking, Jun 17, 2019 at 12:39 PM
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    tfking thread starter macrumors newbie

    Dec 5, 2016
    ok so I just came off the phone with Apple support. They will not be offering me anything from their end to resolve the problem. No reason given for their decision.

    They cannot tell me what is wrong with the logic board just that is needs replacing at a cost of £580. The repair would only be under warranty for £90 days, I can take it or leave it. My only other option is to buy another laptop.

    I lodged a compliant two weeks ago which the support person today acknowledged. When asked about the progress of the compliant she informed me it was only internal and I would not be provided with any feedback on their findings. WHAT SORT OF COMPANY IS THIS?

    By now most people would've given up and paid for another computer, apple or otherwise. This product was faulty from the day it was purchased and it was only a matter of time before it developed faults. Correctly so, they have not even tried to tell me about water damage as it has never had anything spilt on it (I know of a case where they insist a device had water damage and refuse to fix it). Truly gutted that this company's standards have fallen this low, not just because I have lost countless time and money from this faulty purchase but it doesn't bode well for the industry and my confidence has been knocked.

    Dell XPS or even Chromebook maybe my next stop. I will look at the viability of repairing it by a third party. However, Apple is fighting against the right-to-repair - think about that when you are approached by their staff wearing the cool t-shirt and fake carefree persona. There is a clear conflict of interest in a company making products only it is authorised to repair, they are incentivised to make and sell faulty goods. They already take steps to prevent repairs outside their eco-system that doesn't bode well for a company who likes to portray that cool image. Competition in business is good and is part of a free market economy, even in the electronic repairs industry. If you were a senior executive you'd want to keep the business nimble and efficient, ready to face challenges in the market place. There is a case to be made for right-to-repair being in the interest of Apple itself. Microsoft's monopoly-like status in the 90's was part of the reason Apple was able to conquer and surpass them with ease, they had become sloth like and uncompetitive.

    i am now aware how important serviceable parts in deciding what electronic device to purchase. The Apple brand is that the consumer can rely on the company making the design and engineering choices that takes the guess work out of deciding where to spend their hard earned cash (or even credit). Apple Fan boys will no doubt find somehow find fault with me - please read the repair history again!

    Note, Apple have not updated the Macbook 12 Inch - lets see if they decide to silently kill off this failed experiment. Interestingly, a Genius Bar person did try to push me down the buying a Macbook Air as the replacement.

    Got to admit, I am astonished my this entire debacle but also what I have found out since about their practices.

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