MacBook Air 4 GB base model vs. 8 GB limited edition from Best Buy

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by geckonitory, Dec 26, 2014.

  1. geckonitory macrumors newbie

    Dec 26, 2014
    Hi All!

    First time Mac buyer here :)

    I am having a hard time deciding between MBA 4GB RAM 128gb base model ($1099) and 8gb RAM 128gb flash "limited edition" (or so they call it) at Best Buy ($999 sale price).

    All other specs besides RAM are pretty much the same between the two. I am definitely inclined towards the latter but thr catch is Best Buy is trying to get me to buy a 2-yr service plan ($250) telling me that I am pretty much screwed when my motherboard crashes since apple may not carry those parts, and if that's the case they will replace my mac with a newer model.

    Would apple not carry these so-called limited edition parts for repair? What are your opinions on this? I havnt had such a great experience with Best Buy and their service in the past and it makes me a bit cautious to just go along with their pitches..

    Perhaps its better to stick to a base model from apple? A shallow search on 4gb vs. 8gb Mba gets me the impression that I may not notice much of a difference for the basic ltasks I will be using my mac for (word processing, browsing, photoshop) Looking forward to hearing your thoughts! :)
  2. dyt1983, Dec 26, 2014
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    May 6, 2014
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  3. Meister, Dec 27, 2014
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    Oct 10, 2013
    I find this thread a bit confusing.
    Are you saying that the 8gb configuration is actually cheaper than the 4gb one?

    And you are considering to spend more on less ram?
    Now that's an unusal twist on the usual 4gb vs 8gb threads. :D

    The logic board, limited-edition, rare-parts-theory sounds like utter nonsense.
    Someone told you an amazing BS story there ;)
  4. SusanK macrumors 68000

    Oct 9, 2012

    Best Buy is telling you to buy an extended warranty from BB because Apple does not carry parts for Apple products?

    Last summer BB told me to buy Windows or Chromebook because Macs "have all kinds of viruses".

    Makes you wonder ;)

    I buy my Apple products from Apple. Sounds like BB is telling you a story. They do that sometimes.

    Apple offers Apple Care for $245 on MBA. AC is Apple's extended warranty. Adds two years and phone support.

    I don't buy the extended warranty. I charge to American Express to get one extra year warranty.

    You'll love a MacBook Air!
  5. greatstar macrumors newbie

    Jun 21, 2010
    Best Buy vs. Apple Store


    BB may be selling off last years 2013 MacBook Airs (hence the $100 lower price). If so, no worries as the 2013 and 2014 model's are very similar regarding performance.

    If they are the same model year, then get the BB 8GB version but decline the warranty. You can purchase Apple's own extended warranty (AppleCare) at the Apple store within 30 days of purchasing any Apple computer from BB or any other authorized seller. I would recommend getting AppleCare over BB warranty.

    Apple always maintains replacement inventory for any Macbook sold within the past 5 years (7 years if purchased in California).

    Finally, if the model years are different, you still might want to get the 8GB (I would) as there was not a qualitative improvement between the two model years.

    Cheers and welcome to the Apple Family.
  6. Wild-Bill macrumors 68030


    Jan 10, 2007
    I wouldn't buy from BestBuy. They tend to lie a lot.

    Never heard of a "limited edition" MacBook Air. And you don't need one of their worthless extended warranties either.
  7. motrek macrumors 68020

    Sep 14, 2012
    Doesn't really matter if they lie. If you can walk out of the store with the product you want at the price they said, no problem, right?

    I happily bought my current MBA from Best Buy for a really good price.
  8. dyt1983, Dec 27, 2014
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    dyt1983 macrumors 65816

    May 6, 2014
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  9. kupkakez macrumors 68000


    Apr 4, 2011
    I just got a base 13" for $850 from Best Buy earlier this week. I don't care for BB usually but it was cheaper than new from Apple.
  10. motrek macrumors 68020

    Sep 14, 2012
    They always ask me for this stuff but I tell them that I don't want to give out that personal information and they usually just shrug it off and continue the transaction. How much pushback did you give them?

    Also, I don't think there's any rule/law that you have to give them your actual address and phone number. If they absolutely insist on taking down a phone number, I'm happy to lie to them. Problem solved.
  11. Meister Suspended


    Oct 10, 2013
    WTF is happening in the United States?
    Why does a store ask you for ID to buy a computer?
    Why are you giving that information to them?

    What's next? Retina scans to buy butter?
    Unless you are telling me a story, there seems to be something very, very wrong going on wherever you live. A normal store is never allowed to ask you for any form of identification.
  12. motrek macrumors 68020

    Sep 14, 2012

    It's SOP in most of the US for retailers to ask for picture ID if you're paying with a credit card in order to confirm that the credit card belongs to you. Credit card theft is common here... not necessarily thieves taking your card physically, but criminals are now imprinting blank cards with known-good information. It's a bummer and I think it's reasonable to take measures to prevent it.

    Re: asking for your phone number, address, etc., that is nothing more than company policy to try to get as much information about customers as possible. They want to track/datamine your purchases, get you on their mailing lists, etc. It is unfortunately common practice for cashiers to ask for this information at many stores.

    It MAY be legal for a store to refuse a sale if somebody doesn't disclose their private information. After all, it's a free country. But seeing as you're not in a legal arrangement with the store, you're under no obligation to provide accurate information. :)
  13. Meister Suspended


    Oct 10, 2013
    I understand the credit card part. Better to pay cash then.
    I'll stop there as to not further turn this into a PRSI thread.
    Thank you for the explanation.
  14. sracer macrumors 604


    Apr 9, 2010
    A wise shopper can make out well at Best Buy. This past summer I picked up a new 4GB/128GB 11" MBA for $650 and with a $225 trade-in value for a Surface 2, out the door $450.
  15. SusanK macrumors 68000

    Oct 9, 2012
    Best Buy is a whatever the traffic will bear place. If you give any indication that you rely on BB staff for info you are in trouble. If you know what you want and what you are willing to pay it may be worthwhile.
  16. SusanK macrumors 68000

    Oct 9, 2012

    If you are looking at last year's model or a 2014 Apple's refurbished offering are a savings. New computer warranty, new battery, new case and no BB BS :)

    I've purchased many refurbs from Apple and will do so in the future. I'm posting on a refurb now. I have the dock icons arranged differently than the MBA purchased new so I can tell them apart without going to the serial number.

    Worth a look.
  17. flowrider macrumors 603


    Nov 23, 2012
    I'll respond to this with a simple phrase - Best Buy is FOS:mad:

  18. dyt1983 macrumors 65816

    May 6, 2014
    Yeah, you're correct. But the girl did ask for my DL and it caught me off guard on a $20 item. I did say "Do you really need that?" and she said it wouldn't go past that screen without entering it. If I hadn't driven 10 miles and really needed the part, I would have just said "forget it." Worst part is that I found out later I didn't actually need the part.

    That's true. I wasn't paying by credit card, but she asked for my DL. I should be in a habit of not giving that out. For returns, I understand (which is why I don't buy things I might return at BB).

    Agreed, I've bought lots of Apple hardware. Probably 1/3 has been refurb, and never had a problem. On the other hand, in the last 5 years I've had at least 6 items purchased new I've taken in to Apple for warranty work, and all of them except for one had a serious hardware issue. Two items I bought new have had failures due to age (TAM LCD and Quadra 840AV power supply caps).

    I believe the refurbs have already been to the service center and the hardware failures have happened, so they're ready to work until worn out.
  19. SusanK macrumors 68000

    Oct 9, 2012

    Some had issues and were repaired. Other are just open box items. Apple had a 14 day no questions asked return policy that they honor. Refurb buyers are the beneficiaries.

    I bought one refurb that I returned. It was a first gen iPad mini. Flaky WiFi. I returned it bought a new iPad mini. The new one has weak WiFi but does not drop the connection as frequently as the refurb did. I think the first gen iPad mini just had less than WiFi.

    I think if the OP looks at Apple's site for the correct pricing on new MBA's it will help in making a buying decision. That limited edition MBA does not exist.

    BB takes advantage if they can. If you are an experience Mac user they back off. I don't buy from them because I don't like to play games. Too many other places to spend money.

    B&H Photo had nice buys on Mac too. The year end clearance is on now. I picked up a few items yesterday. No Macs because I just got a refurb last month. Wrote the check this morning. Off to the mailbox now.
  20. sparkie1984 macrumors 68020

    Dec 20, 2009
    a small village near London
    To chime in on this

    In the uk retailers have been offering models with 8gb over Xmas for the same price as the bottom end model

    I guess the OP is meaning the same thing?

    I've reserved an 11" to pickup tomorrow for £749 and it has 8gb ram rather than the 4gb standard

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