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MacBook Air ready to blast off into the universe.


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Sep 22, 2020
I have an early 2015 MacBook Air and the fan is about to fly off the thing. I am considered I guess a newbie by the almighty Big-Brains of MacRumors but after going through every forum and finding that my problem is that of infinite solutions it seems, I come to you. A cpuple days ago, walking to the bathroom for a netflix and turd session, I dropped my computer on it's side. Cusses flew but I picket it up and noticed damage to the left side (just below the headphone jack) and general just dents around that area. The computer turned on fine but after using it for the last day I've found (i think) all the problems.
My battery will not charge, it registers but it says "Battery is not charging".
The fan is on 6500 rpm consistently.
Kernel_task using up about 200-400% of the cpu regularly.
No sound output or input.

I've tried an SMC reset, PRAM and NVRAM resets, I ran apple diagnostics (shut down computer and hold D) and my results are attached. The solutions i've tried have all failed and I'm not comfortable enough messing with my system files as previous solutions on the forum suggested

Now while this computer has lasted me a good while, im not ready to depart just yet. Is there any solutions I can try (that aren't too costly as I'm a full-time student), that I haven't yet?


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Sep 15, 2015
Well, it sounds like you may have done internal damage. The IO board is right there, along with the Magsafe2 port, and the fan is right there.. Does the USB and headphone jack work? If not, definite damage. If they do, you still may have damage. It's up to you what you do. Maybe find a local reputable repair shop that works on Mac's. Here's the inside of mine for reference. That flat cable that kinda routes around the fan I think is the IO cable. If you take the bottom cover off at least make sure that is still seated well on both ends. Also, that little connector in my pic on the left above the battery with the little helper tag on it, that's the battery connector. Make sure that's still plugged in good. You'll of course need the proper P5 screwdriver for it if you attempt that. I wouldn't try that unless you know what you're doing. I'm not responsible for further damage should you try opening it. My suggestion would be find a shop, or Apple... Good luck. You may find you're better off money wise finding another good working used one and putting your SSD in it..


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