Macbook Core Duo won't turn on or light up/Selling parts

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by swallowedholey3, Aug 29, 2012.

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    1. I have an '06 Core Duo white Macbook with 2GB replacement RAM and it won't start. It's been a few months and I just got around to attempting a salvage due more to the content on the hard drive than anything else.
    I don't know enough to figure out the problem. Specifically, pressing the power button does nothing, no hard drive light or whirring sound comes from the laptop. It sounds dead.

    ifixit says that according to the symptoms I have a bad Logic Board which run about $250 dollars too much for me, especially considering that I'm not sure what's wrong.

    2. Perhaps I could just transfer my desired files off the hard drive. Does anyone have any experience with this? My Dad has done it with PCs and has a device that works with them, but I know that Apple can have different genitals so to speak.

    3. Say that my Macbook is dead. How profitable is it to sell my parts? Any handy sites that list what parts in my comp are sellable and have a demand?
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    Do you have another Mac in the household? It's easy enough to remove the HDD and put it in an enclosure, but if all you have are Windows boxes you will need some way of reading HFS+.

    MOD NOTE: This part belongs in the Buying Tips forum with the Price Advice prefix if you start getting to actual prices.


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