Macbook Pro 13" Rugged Case


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Jan 6, 2011
Alright, so I've just purchased a MacBook Pro 13", and I'm in need of a rugged case. I really do need the case, I'm not OCD, or anything. See, I'm a backpacker, meaning I do a lot of camping and hiking trips, as well as extended trips where I live out of my backpack for days at a time. Sometimes, I like to take my computer with me, just in case I want to stop off in a town and upload some pictures. Previously, I hadn't needed a rugged case, because I had a dell piece of junk that I really didn't case about knocking around, but since I've just upgraded, I really feel the need to protect my computer.

So basically what I need is a lightweight hardshell case that I can through in my backpack and leave packed for a day or two. I don't really need the case to protect the computer when it's in use, but i really need the protection when te computer is off.



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Mar 23, 2012
STM Armour

hi, I have an STM Armour for my 13" 2011 Macbook Pro. It is the most rugged case I could find. STMbags website has more details. It is very well padded hard shell case. Hope this helps.


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This is what I have for mine:
Pelican Storm Case, military grade stuff.
Pelican makes a wide range of laptop rugged water proof, dust proof etc. cases.
They have slimmer ones for city use. Worth the money if you need to take your MBP for a hike or to a construction site etc.
its liner is customizable, you can remove foam cubes so you can carve a space to fit perfectly any device, I'm going to fit 3 external HDD (once they arrive) in the bottom of the case and the MBP on top.



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Feb 26, 2010
First off you should have got a MBA ;)

Maybe try one of these:

I use the larger 1090 for my 15" MBP and it fits nice and tight with a 1/2 inch of foam all around it. I use it because I work in the field and in the tropics. It's also great on airplanes as you can put it on the floor of the plane and not worry about standing on it or spilling your coffee on it.


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Sep 6, 2012
I've got the Booq Vyper XS3 for my MacBook Pro 13". It's light, provides great protection and the zip never comes into contact with the laptop. It's not too expensive either!