MacBook Pro 2011 early Thunderbolt


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Jun 7, 2009
South Tyrol - North of Italy
Hello everybody!

I have some issues with my MacBook Pro early 2011 and my Samsung TV LED 32C6700. I do connect them with a HDMI/Dvi-Cable and a Dvi-Adapter from Apple. Although the screen doesn't gets recognized the first time I plug it in, it says "no signal". After connecting and disconnecting a few times the display gets recognized and I can "work" with it. But then the next problem is coming up: the display flickers every few seconds... =/ Working or watching movies is a big problem...

Now I wanted to know if it could be a hardware-issue or if someone else has these kind of problems or a solution?

Thanks for all replies!

edit: I will make a video to show everyone my problem...
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