Macbook pro 2017 15” vs 2018 13”


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May 9, 2018
Hello. I am looking to buy a MacBook and I have two options in mind and I don’t know which one to choose.

• MacBook Pro 2017 15” 256 gb ssd and 16 gb ram

•MacBook Pro 2018 13” 256 gb ssd and 8 gb ram.

Which one will be faster and best investment in the future?


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Sep 13, 2014
I’m surprised no one responded. I have been thinking about this option as well.

Advantages of the 2018 13” MacBook Pro:
  • 3rd Gen Keyboard — Supposedly resolves the “widespread” issue with the new keyboard design.
  • Smaller Form-Factor — Only a pro if you care about portability
  • 8th Gen CPU
  • T2 Chip
  • Improved Display with True Tone
  • Faster Storage
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Less Expensive AppleCare Coverage
  • Costs Less New (2017 15” Refurbished can be had for about the same price, sometimes even less)
  • Technically will be support for a longer period of time as it’s a newer model, but this only matters if you plan on keeping it a long time.
Advantages of the 2018 15” MacBook Pro:

  • Bigger Screen Size
  • Faster, dedicated GPU — Vastly better graphics performance. Hands down, no contest here.
  • Faster CPU — I believe it’s only a slight difference, mainly due to higher clock speeds.
  • Better Speakers — Maybe, this is certainly true on 2018 models. At least to me, so I assume 2017 would be the same.
I’m sure the OP has already made a decision, but here are my two cents. Maybe someone else in similar situation will appreciate the input. I considered the same options and ultimately chose the 13” Pro for a number of reasons. It’s a better fit for me, but ultimately it really depends on what you do with the machine.

If you’re into productivity that heavily utilizes GPU, for example, then the 15” would have been a no-brainer. Since I don’t need the GPU power and prefer the smaller form factor, I went with 13” instead. The best way to decide is to consider how you’ll use the computer now and not which one is going to be a better long-term investment. They will depreciate and age, maybe not at the same rate, but resale value for Macs is always solid.

Of course, sometimes it’s worth spending a little more up front on things like RAM, CPU upgrade or storage, as it can make the machine useful for longer — that I suppose is somewhat of an investment, as you don’t have to spend money to upgrade later (at least not as soon). I’ve done this and it definitely made the machine last longer for me.