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Macbook Pro 2017 issues with USB-C docks

Vaidas Matkus

macrumors newbie
Original poster
Oct 10, 2020

maybe someone has idea what is the problem? My Macbook Pro 2017 model no touchbar, 2 thunderbolt ports. Bought used HP USB-C G4 dock (not thunderbolt). It was with not original cable, but usb 3.1 gen 1 (i guess 5gbit), also i have gen2 cable (10gbit) and Lenovo original usb-c cable for my Lenovo P27h10 monitor. Problem is my Lenovo monitor works with all these cables and usb-c dock does not: when connected it detects usb hub, lan and etc, but no monitor is detected and same is with windows on bootcamp also. Tried Lenovo usb-c dock - same, Lenovo thunderbolt3 dock works instantly, but my hp dock also does not work with lenovo thunderbolt cable.
What i found out after many forums and firmware updates, that it "magically "starts to work, if i leave dock connected and do SMC reset, then everything is ok until disconnecting. I can restart to windows and macos without problems and everytime everything works. Then disconnecting usb-c or dock power and same, no monitor until SMC reset (sometimes monitor works but not ethernet adapter and then usb 2 hub is not detected).
But this same dock works normally with some asus laptop that has usb-c, not thunderbolt port (this laptop does not support pd charging).
I also have some cheap knock-off multi av adapter that is with vga output, and it also works... Is this some kind of SMC bug or hardware problem?
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