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MacBook Pro 2018 not going to sleep since update to macOS 10.15.4


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Original poster
Jan 5, 2010
Toronto, Canada
Has anyone else had this strange problem with their MacBook Pro not going to sleep when closing the screen since updating to macOS 10.15.4? Since the update I have noticed that overnight the battery would drain 25-30% with the screen closed, where prior to the update, there would be little to no battery drain. I have rebooted and also did a SMC reset and no change. I’ve tried selecting sleep prior to closing the screen and still no difference and 20-30% power drain overnight.

Any ideas for a fix?


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May 22, 2020
I have same issue with among other crashes with my new MacBook Pro 16". I asked apple for a replacement.

In my case I could see that the machine wakes almost every minutes.

# to clean up old logs
sudo log erase --all

# close the lid and wait 10-15 minutes
log show | grep 'Wake reason'

Strange thing is, it didn't happen in a different WiFi network!
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