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MacBook Pro black screen


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Oct 22, 2020
Hi all!

having a really annoying issue that I could use some advise on.

6 months ago, occasionally when I turned on my Mac the screen would be completely black, and other times it would flicker and then turn black.

It got so bad it was always like it, I replaced the lvds cable twice to be sure but the issue was the same.

Today I’ve replaced the entire lid assembly but the screen only lasted 3 seconds before turning black again.

when I shine a light at the Apple logo, nothing appears and I’ve tried resetting the SMC and NVRAM, and if I type in my password the keyboard lights appear as though it is switched on. I have an thunderbolt cable on the way but I am sure it turns on, as it has been on and running when the screen turns black suddenly.

i can only think it is now the lvds connector on the motherboard but really hoping it isn’t
Any ideas? The screen I bought was second hand but in perfect condition.

MacBook Pro 2012 13 inch

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