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MacBook Pro Booting Problems


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Aug 1, 2020
I have a 2019 13” inch MacBook Pro with Mojave. A few days ago I noticed when opening the laptop, the screen would remain black for a few seconds before reaching the password/Touch ID prompt. 2 days ago I left the laptop on with a notification saying some updates would install later. The next day I returned and tried to enter my password which resulted in the computer restarting and returning to the password prompt. This happening numerous times. Eventually the computer wouldn’t even reach the password prompt anymore. It just started booting with the Apple logo then would restart again. Occasionally the loading bar would show up with extremely slow progress. Once it filled up it would just freeze indefinitely. Ive tried everything I could find online.

Reset NVRAM- after doing this it reached the login screen again, but when entering my password it just displayed a loading bar with no progress.

Reset SMC- no noticeable change.

Start in Safe Mode- no luck. Just reached login screen with same issues.

Tried to enter Command Prompt with command + s- would display text, couldn’t type anything.

Recovery Mode- nothing happened

Internet Recovery Mode- displayed globe, after entering WiFi password a loading bar appeared and filled up until the computer just reached the login screen with the same issues as before.

Ran Diagnostics- No errors found. Tried to enter recovery mode from diagnostics prompt with no luck.

Boot from a USB drive install of Mojave - let me choose the usb drive but either restarted or reached login screen with same issues as before.

Is there anything else I can try? I bought the computer 5 months ago.
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