MacBook Pro is full... Need help with back up, clean up and set up of my home network

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by 1sweetORnurse, Mar 29, 2012.

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    Mar 29, 2012
    Where to even begin with the problames I'm having!? I have a MacBook Pro OS X 10.5.8, an iMac OS X 10.5.8, a 500GB Time Capsule, and an iPhone 4s. I know just enough about all of them to basically get myself into trouble... And It seems I have done a really good job at messing everything up! I bought the iMac and Time capsule together in 2008. The Time Capsule didn't work properly for backups from the start (although it functions great as a router for my home network), and I spent several hours on the phone with applecare, took it to the Genius Bar etc., and it still has not ever worked as a continuous background backup. I did somehow manage to acquire one backup of the iMac with the TC before I did a reboot of the iMac a couple years ago. I can access the backup, but im not sure if the backup is actually on the time capsule or if it is saved on the HD. Furthermore, I have another backup (pretty sure it's a partial backup) from the MacBook Pro, and I don't know where that one is actually stored either. The Macbook Pro is so full that it is not functioning properly and i'm afraid it will die. I have subscribed to both Backblaze and Crashplan... The initial Backblaze backup completed on the MacBook, but I don't even have enough diskspace to download Crashplan. I need to get both Macs backed up to an external hard drive and I would like to save the backups I already have. I am also trying to start my own photograghy business, so I would like everything setup so that I can manage photos from both Macs and be condusive for storing and editing loads of photos. So here are my questions...

    1. Can I (and should I) back up both Macs to one external hard drive?

    2. Can I use the Time Capsule to route wireless continuous backups from the MacBook Pro to the external hard drive or would I need to have it wired every time?

    3. Which external hard drive would be best for my situation? Would a RAID be best or is that overkill?

    I am considering this one in either a 2TB or 3TB:

    4. Once everything is safely backed up, what is the best way to get my HD space freed up?

    5. How do I set up the drives so that I'm not using all of my internal HD space for photos and music?

    6. When I have enough space to upgrade to OS X Lion, will the cloud make a difference with how my photos are managed?

    I know this has been extensive, and probably frustrating to those of you who know what your'e doing... Thanks so much for your time and patience!!
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    correct me if I'm wrong people but I think RAID would count as overkill here?
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    Hope this helps

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