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Discussion in 'Community' started by Macmaniac, Jul 18, 2003.

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    Well I have returned home from a very good visit to the Javits Center in NY. I must say despite being a smaller Mac Expo, I found it much easier to find the things I was looking for, and I wasn't lost amongst a huge array of vendors. Another plus was a smaller crowd, so I was able to see alot of the G5. I can say with confidence that I saw almost every booth, some had some way cool stuff.
    Unfortunantly I was unable to have 5 minutes to myself by a G5 to permit me to Download and run Xbench:( Apple staff was all over them. I got some great up close camera shots of the G5 that I look forward to showing you in my upcoming MWCE movie. The G5's were pretty cool, but no posters were handed out, a bummer for me.
    I was lucky though! I won a Tekserve T-Shirt for a cd throwing game(more of that in the movie) I saw a really cool robotic guitar, which was playing an Indian sounding tune. Griffin had a cool Atenna for radio on ur mac, I really want an EyeTv. Also one booth had some great stop motion animation software, for a great low price of $45. Also I saw a cool CD case that functions like those old Rolodexs, you move a lever along to the desired place, press an eject button and the selected CD comes out, very cool!
    One thing was missing! The games pavillion was not there!! Mega bummer for me! Well I have to get to work on my movie so I hope to give you an idea of what happened there in a few weeks!
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    1 Block away from NYC.
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    2. Its Creative Pro or MWCP (Or NY if you still believe)
    3. I already have a thread on this.

    Sorry. But please thanks for your view.

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