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Aug 19, 2016
Hi there, I know that normally the mac mini M1 on Monterey won't get sleep totally. So I changed the pmset options to this here:

System-wide power settings:

Currently in use:

standby 0
Sleep On Power Button 1
autorestart 0
SleepServices 0
powernap 0
networkoversleep 0
disksleep 0
sleep 0 (sleep prevented by powerd, Music, backupd-helper, mdsync, bluetoothd, coreaudiod, backupd)
ttyskeepawake 0
displaysleep 60
tcpkeepalive 0
womp 0

The result is really good but there is one thing I cannot change. The MacMini wakes up for about 20-30 seconds always 30 minutes after going to sleep and always on 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.

The problem here is, because of this little wake up, my monitor is sometimes "hanging" and drains a lot of power for hours.

The console says for the first wake up after 30mins:

#/powerd Deep Idle Software Sleep pass YES

And for other two wake ups:

#diagnostics_agent SPI 54 0 1 0 YES

Any idea how to disable this?

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