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    Jan 6, 2002

    Announcing the Macintosh Documentation Project, based on the OpenSite ( editing-model. Basically, it will become a resource for Mac-users that provides content on a variety of Mac/Apple-related topics. It is volunteer-based, meaning that "editors" apply for a category, and if accepted, are then free to add informational content to the category that they are assigned. This way, Mac users can have a comprehensive web site to help them with whatever they are looking for, and if they can't find it, they themselves can apply to be an editor so that they can fill the gap. MacMoz is a self-governing community with 6 levels of editing permissions. The first level is just "editor." An editor can add/change the title and content of any category that person is granted. The next level up is CatEditall, meaning that this person can edit in the major node of the directory that he or she specializes in. A CatEditall can also move and rename categories. The 3rd level up is Editall, which is the same as CatEditall, but the rules apply anywhere in the directory. The next level up (which is not attained after editall, but instead after CatEditall) is CatMod. This level of editor is granted to people with both oustanding editing skills as well as excellent communication skills. CatMods can do anything a CatEditall can, plus that person can Accept or Decline new editor applications and applications by current editors for a new category - all within a node of the directory. CatMods also have access to the private meta forum, and are expected to help with issues of editor abuse. Finally, they can also grant special privs to editors and edit currently available templates (explained later). The 5th level of editor is Meta, which is the same as CatMod, but over the entire directory. The final level is root, or staff, which includes the administrators and programmers of MacMoz...we can basically do anything you can think of in addition to editall/meta privs. MacMoz is currently in a beta-testing mode, but we still welcome applications from new editors. This could potentially end up being the larges single Macintosh resource on the web.

    Those of you familiar with DMOZ ( may be thinking
    "Wait.... This looks like another DMOZ rip-off..."
    Well, it is not...
    DMOZ, Open-Site and MacMoz are quite different from one another. DMOZ is a directory of links, but Open-Site is an encyclopedia. Open-Site provides original written content instead of just links. MacMoz is similar to Open-Site, but is different in that it provides more than Encyclopedia content (including links). It is meant to be a compilation of DMOZ and Open-Site features, and then some, that bring together Mac resources in one central place.

    Please sign up to your area of expertise! You can do this by navigating to and clicking through the directory until you find a relatively small (entry level) category. Then click on the "Apply to edit this category" link at the top of the page. If we lack a category for the area you specialize in, please just apply for another category and note in your application what category you would like to be created and assigned to. Just fill out the form and wait ;) As an encyclopedia infers, you ought to have competent spelling and grammar skills. Sections in other languages can be added on demand.


    There is a database of history facts, which can be imported according to filters to any article.

    Members of the public can submit articles to the directory for editor review without applying to become an editor.

    There is a template system which allows similar entries to have data consistently displayed

    Editors can upload pictures to the server for use in articles. Of course, these pictures must always be editing-related, and not in violation of copyrights.

    Internal editor mail for communication (and private editor forums to discuss editing issues with other editors)

    And others...

    MacMoz staff would greatly appreciate any MacRumors forum members that would sign up to help our project. At this point, the directory is, well, empty and thus it is far easier for candidates to be accepted to the area of his/her choice. Thank you to anyone who applies :-D

    --Tweedy7736, MacMoz Staff,
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