macOS 11 vs. Windows 10


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I'll let the dust settle, cant comment on an OS I've not used, nor any real complaint with W10. Upcoming ARM Mac's are the most interesting and potentially promising thing Apple has done in many a year. Hopefully Apple won't ratchet them down excessively.

Not this year, however if balanced reviews & users experience is good might be tempted, equally would be a lot more tempted to an IPP & KB device running macOS as opposed to a basic clamshell notebook. Would be a tall order to drop W10 and it's Pen & Touch capabilities in smaller format devices.

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Nov 17, 2019
I never pick any sides. I like all three systems and use which one suits my needs with the task I need to perform. I do prefer macOS for daily use on top of some professional needs. Windows 10 gets too in your face at times. They all have their advantages and disadvantages.
In the same boat.

in macOS I am able to utilize the multiple desktop PER monitor. Windows 10 I need to switch the multiple desktops for all three monitors at once.
This is a big peeve of mine. So much so I wrote a per-desktop window manager app for Windows which I now use daily. This was driving me insane on my work system with three monitors. It's not a common featue on Linux either. I copied the behaviour of Xmonad for my Windows app.


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Oct 24, 2013
New Hampshire
It has, no question, but there's still an incredible lack of consistency with Windows, its almost like they don't care about fixing what's already there (visually). I understand that they've been wanting to kill off the control panel, but it has apps that system administrators rely on, and UWP as of yet cannot do.
Windows is all over the place with UI - drives me nuts. But OS performance is better than macOS (my experience) and it is very, very stable. I have not had a Windows crash this year.

I use the Control Panel all the time.

Windows 10 runs on old hardware far better than macOS. But I would pick macOS any day of the week over Windows if cost were not a factor.


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Feb 16, 2015
I wanted to scan something a moment ago and Windows gave me this. LOL Microsoft, it's amazing that something that common (scanning stuff) still looks like it's straight out of Windows 98 or something.

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