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Apr 12, 2001
MacOSRumors has posted a final list of probably updates for MWSF. Their list includes:

- Revamp of Apple's Display
- 1GHz iMacs with faster Superdrives
- New iPods a "shoo-in"
- IApp updates
- New Marketing Campaign
- Big Surprise

This is in contrast to ThinkSecret's report -- where no iMac or Display updates are expected. Time will tell...

Regardless, it appears that everyone feels there is a good chance for surprises.


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Nov 6, 2002
Palo Alto
MOSR - always wrong
ThinkSecret - always (usually) right

not a big surprise then that their rumors are in contrast with ThinkSecret's.

ohhhhh what I would give for an Apple Tablet.


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Jul 25, 2002
Originally posted by bentmywookie
MOSR - always wrong
ThinkSecret - always (usually) right

not a big surprise then that their rumors are in contrast with ThinkSecret's.

ohhhhh what I would give for an Apple Tablet.

Hehe....notice how they mention on most of their rumors the if not now, soon after clause?

Meaning as long as things they talk about are released within a few months they can claim they are right.


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Sep 22, 2002
New York
Re: MacOSRumors's Final Roundup

Originally posted by Macrumors
- New Marketing Campaign

I hope there is a new marketing campaign showing off the beauty of OS X. The Switcher ads are good but we need to show Windows' users why to switch.


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Mar 6, 2002
Not so sure...

I don't mean to sound overly pessimistic, however, I hope all of this talk about a "big surprise" doesn't turn into a big let-down. I've been watching the rumor scene surrounding various Macworlds for quite some time now, and never...*never*...have I seen the news so inconsistent and virtually non-existent. Usually all of the major rumor sites (Think Secret, MOSR, and this site) will agree that one particular thing is going to happen. In this case, the only thing people are agreeing on is that there's going to be a "big surprise"...I hope it pans out though, otherwise this Macworld will be very stale. And trust me, if *I* say it's stale, then it must be, becuase I never complain about these shows.


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Sep 8, 2002
The Netherlands
If there is going to be "1 really big surprise" then I'm going to be very happy!
I don't consider Steve announcing a 1 GHz iMac to be a surprise....


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Jan 1, 2002
At least Apple's website isn't screwing with our heads this year.

That reminds me, anybody take a look at Time Canada? Maybe they'll help us out again. :)



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Dec 2, 2002
Anyone think that Apple might be sending us hint?

"New Year's Resolutions ... Get Organized. Stay in Sync."

Sounds like an Apple PDA to me. They just launched this new ad on the 1st promoting iCal and iSync. I think Dell's Axim Pocket PC got to them... to me this would be another great reason to switch. The Pocket PC (which is way cooler than my Clie) is incompatible. Also, when Steve canned the Newton in '98 after the MP2100 didn't sell to expectations he said that he'd rather produce a PDA that ran the Mac OS instead of the Newton OS. Apple still has a license to use the Palm OS which they got from good 'ol 3Com (even though it is inferior to the Newton OS).

Sorry Tungsten T ... you suck! Gimme the iNewt Steve!!!!!;)


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Jan 6, 2002
Originally posted by bentmywookie
MOSR - always wrong
Yep. But I just can't help checking their site every few days, just to see what they've recently managed to dream up... :)


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Jan 6, 2002
Re: Anyone think that Apple might be sending us hint?

Originally posted by ELYXR
Sorry Tungsten T ... you suck! Gimme the iNewt Steve!!!!!;)
Oh, the things I could brew up with an i(of)Newt...

OK, that was really bad :D


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Jan 5, 2003

I am just hoping that iPod prices go down or they come out with a new one. I am just waiting to buy one, and can't hardly wait to see if they do anything to them.


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Jan 3, 2002
Akron, Ohio

Boy would I love an Apple PDA.

I know this is not what everyone wants, but I still remember how excited I was when my Newton 2000 came.


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Jan 1, 2003
A Somewhat Matching Prediction

Here's my prediction for Apple in 2003, beginning with the keynote (no, I don't have a clue which ones of the following will actually debut on Tuesday, but I doubt they all are.) It somewhat matches with MOSR's predictions and is inspired by most every rumor that's circulated in the last few weeks.

Marketing: Apple will announce moderately priced software updates for all media-oriented iApps coming in 2003.
.Mac users will receive all updates free, giving incentive to buy .Mac (no price change)
New computers will automatically ship with latest iApp upgrades for no extra cost.

This year will see the separation of media iApps (iTunes, iPhoto, iMovie, iDVD) and general purpose iApps (iSync, iChat, iCal, etc.)

Upgrades of existinc iApps with improved integration between them
1) iMovie 3.0 with Video Playlists (smart and regular)
2) iPhoto 2.0 with Picture Playlists (smart and regular)
3) iDVD 3.0
4) iChat w/ improved stability and new video conferencing protocols through Rendezvous network (workplace oriented)
5) iBrowse (Chimera-based web browser)

All general purpose iApps wil stay Free
Fees imposed for updates of all media iApps.
#1-3: $49.99 for the package of three, $20 individually

Hardware (some of this will be available at Apple retail stores immediately upon announcement):
1) New 24"-30" Apple Display, price drops on other models
2) iMac speed bumps and standard price drops
3) Either
The portable multi-function solution:
iPad - tablet Mac, 10" color screen; Inkwell functionality, Bluetooth enabled, Airport ready, syncable w/ iSync (Mac-to-Mac)
The ulta-portable specialized solution:
New iPod - no price drops, no color screen, built in radio and microphone, redesigned casing to include new connection ports for video out.

Whichever of these portable lifestyle devices hits the market this January, I expect TV-top functionality in which pictures and movies will be displayable through any video source (connect using RCA L/R) and be driven largely by new types of playlists.


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Mar 16, 2002
Re: I made this up in November

Originally posted by ads_acc_s
Try this until 01.07 09:00 PT. I thought I would make my own iPad back in November, so I made a Mac Tablet form pictures on Apple's site.:p

I might ask Apple for some compensation, if their tablet is too similar to mine!

web site:

THAT PAGE IS SO FAKE!! OMG the thing is too thin, how would you get a CD in it?! and what about bluetooth for peripherals?! And.. And...

Ok, I'm just making fun of the people who overreact when they go to joke rumor sites. Remember the G5 sphere? I remember it being posted as a joke, and people flipped a wig.... not a bad pic imo


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Jan 5, 2003
Somthing Big.....

I was at the MWSF floor today and there is definitely somthing interesting brewing.
There are big banners and signs hanging at the Apple booth which are covered over with black and there is an area on the edge of the booth with a a black reveal around it where somthing new will be hidden until Steve announces it.
Also friends of mine working the keynote say that the usually tight paranoid security is tighter than ever and "somthing" is hidden under black fabric back stage.


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Sep 19, 2002
Auburn, AL
My normally incredibly accurate source is completely offline.

I only know him from the #massinova channel, however, he accurately and very skillfully told us about the new iMac without really telling us about it ("wouldn't it be funny if we just released an iLamp™ complete with iShades™?" said a member / "You're much closer than you think" / "What?!" / "...")

Who knew how close we were to finding out. In fact, when Time Canada blew the cover on its website and we linked to it, his first words were "Oh S***. Be back, I have to call Steve now".

As far as we have figured out, he is someone who works high up in Apple, highly trusted by Jobs (with good reason, he can give hints without really giving them), and is deeply involved in the trade shows (he was up until about 3:00 AM preparing for it).

Him being completely unavaible definitely makes me think SOMETHING is going on that is beyond the iMac caliber.

Chef Ramen

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Dec 21, 2002
mosr has been correct in the past. the evening before the first B&W g3 came out they posted pics of it

and that last post makes me excited hehe
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