MacPro 2013 and Dell P2715Q 4K Dual Monitor Setup

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by smoothjazz, Mar 25, 2015.

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    Jun 26, 2009

    I just setup a pair of these P2715Q monitors with my 2013 MacPro using the supplied MiniDisplayPort to Displayport cables. The screens look fantastic. The main issue I'm having is after restarting or cold starting the computer. Both monitors appear and only show a blank desktop. No menu bar, no Finder icons, etc.
    The only fix so far is to power off one of the monitors - then back on. Then all is fine. I've unchecked the Mission Control thing to allow displays to have separate spaces. On a normal startup - the second monitor is usually just a blank desktop. It's like they are both showing that blank desktop.

    I ordered a pair of minidisplayport to minidisplayport adaptors to try - incase the rub is with the included cable configuration. I've tried resetting PRAM, NVRAM, etc. - Tried different thunderbolt ports.

    Actually - when trying different thunderbolt ports - things got wonky in that the second monitor stopped being acknowledged by the computer. I kept moving the thunderbolt cable around - then it finally came back on. Not fun.

    Another strange issue yesterday was when I sat down to work - both monitors were in sleep mode (computer still running though) - the primary monitor wouldn't activate. Even after a restart. I couldn't even power cycle the monitor with the power button. I ultimately had to pull the power cord on the monitor to get it back. Again... not fun.

    One thing to note as well - My primary monitor is Rev 01... the secondary was built 2 months earlier and shows Rev. 00. I'm waiting for them to replace the second monitor. These guys update the firmware and other items and never tell anyone what's changed. But I sure want the most current build.

    Any thoughts? - I'm running 10.10.2.


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    Sorry I can't help as I have A Thunderbolt Apple display and P2715Q. I have a question though, does either P2715Q have the USB ports working?



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