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Jan 3, 2002
This was posted on the insane rumor site F*

Big rumors abound in Macromedia land... word is the company is in dire straights and that discussions between Macromedia and Microsoft are in the works. Acquisition? Possibly... probably just Flash, DreamWeaver, and UltraDev -- and in the meanwhile, kill off MS ASP competitor (not really) ColdFusion. Who knows about FreeHand, Director, and the Java stuff... Layoffs imminent.
When: 1/30/2002
Company: Macromedia

Anyone have any confirming evidence that this is true or even potentially true? Oh could this be evil attempt @ stock manipulation??

I hope it's not true, Microsoft will DESTROY anything thats good about Macromedia and its products.


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Oct 25, 2001
Minot, North Dakota
Oh, this rumor

Yeah, I remember this rumor. I had heard it a few months back. To counter this possibility, I've heard that Apple may purchase Adobe to counter Microsoft. Apple has been saving up for some time now, and may purchase the semiconductor business of Moto along with an aquistion of Adobe.


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Jan 2, 2001
Metairie, LA
I actually know someone out in San Francisco who works for Macromedia. I'll have to talk to her and find out what she knows...


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Jun 18, 2001
WestCost, USA
I just dont know..

I guess that would give MS some good software i supose. Just as long as the MS coders dont touch it i dont care...


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Dec 29, 2001
they would copy everything macromedia have and
call them crappy names

just like they copied java and called it C# what that **** is C#
and just they copied aqua and made windows xp
and their digital hub suckes ass
apples one absolutely kills it

2 words
M# sucks


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Jun 18, 2001
WestCost, USA
RE: mac15

C# is crap!!! Your right that it is a copy of JAVA. The deal is this. MS got busted for stealing JAVA stuff from Sun and making it their own. Visual J++ is crap and doese not use the standard JAVA classes. (Same as Visual C++) Sun sues them... MS crys... then MS comes out with C# in an attept to take out JAVA. MS coundnt use JAVA any way they wanted so... now there is C# I am a programmer and I know that no one in industry is going to be using it. Every programmer I know is against it and will not use it.


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May 9, 2001
MS is doing that a lot

They make copy cats of languages and softwares.

That is a way to capture more people.

I was in the web page bussines and I couldn't believe that the programers (data base developers) had to deal with so many languages, Java, Ja script, C, C++, ASP and some others. I know abot the java stuff, but they where using, not only the language but the softwares.

For example Visual Basic, the software is something that ramind you the 80's and programers love it! you can do better things in Flash or Director using standar programing language in place of native language.

Well... I got to go.


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Jan 17, 2002
New Zealand
not too sure

not too sure about that XP / OS X comparison.
XP looks more like the graphics on this site not aqua.
i don't really think they copied X, they just can't leave anything alone.
NT4 - WIN2000 they changed the name of the 'find' function to 'search'
- why?? because they're obsessed with change

they didn't rename hotmail so who know we may oneday see
Microsoft Flash 6

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