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    Feb 24, 2002
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    We'll folks, I hate to say it, but Apple has legally changed their name to Macrosoft, and have managed to bring about all of the qualities we so love from the PC world: the constant inability to upgrade recently purchased products, and the gross amount of money for simple updates and constant lies. First, I talked to a rep at Apple, and he said that the iPod firmware will probably not be available to old iPod customers. Unbelievable, huh. And my main point, $129.00 for a simple upgrade is outragious and very bill gatesish. This is not mac os 11, it is a .1 upgrade for christ sake. I shudder at the price of os 11 when Apple is done screwing us with "Jagsuck". Not only was Macworld horrible, but a "switch" campaign for me, I am very turned off from Apple, and am thinking of "switching" to a PC, if I am gonna need preparation-H, I might as well get something that is compatible with much more software and hardware titles. Now all of you stubborn Mac lovers out there will be boiling to the maximum point, so if you are just gonna say the same repetative crap again and again, back off.
    Anyway to sum this up, my two cents for apple has been taken back, and I hope that Apple can position themselves to the side and zip up their blue jeans with no belt, and tuck in that black mock turtleneck, because they are in for some serious consumer debate.
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