macs and your career choice


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Dec 29, 2001
Alot of you use macs at work,
wether it be an office job or a designer
How has the mac platform helped you with your job or career choice.
Though I would jump on the bandwagon as well


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Oct 5, 2001
San Diego, CA
Since I am the tech for a lab that has both Macs and PCs, my knowledge of the Mac platform essentially helped me get my job in August 2001. The other applicants didn't have as much Mac experience as I got the job (plus it doesn't hurt that I've been working here for 4 years).

Mac experience in the IT field is a rarity. You never know...your Mac tech skills may get you a job someday too. :)


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Nov 6, 2001
Well, I don't use my mac at work.. that's cuz I don't have a career job yet. I'm currently a student and have been for the past 13 years in a row. Got my first mac in 6th grade... got a peecee in 11th grade... gone back to mac my freshman year in college. Funny thing is... straight A's from 6th - 10th grade.. did so-so my last two years in high school.. could the mac be the factor? or is it just high school senioritis? who knows.. Well, since I have a mac again, i hope the straight A's will come back.

As for what I will be doing with it? Well, what does every other freshman and sophomore in college do with their computers? writing papers, playing games, the usual stuff. Maybe with a mac, I will get more creative...

Anyway.. where is the new tibook! give it to me!!


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Jan 2, 2001
Metairie, LA

we have a network of 4 Macs setup at work...a printing G4 which I use for prepress output as well as design...2 other G3's for the same purposes....and another G3 we use as a RIP for film output...

personally I use my TiBook to play around with and dabble with my photography & music...I also do freelance work with it...

I first got into Macs about 6 years ago when I was at a community college taking illustration classes...a friend decided to take computer graphics & I said why not...back then they were using 7100's...I got bitten and haven't healed from it yet! :p


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Jan 5, 2002
i dont use Mac at work either

I am still stuck with IBM thinkpads.. but i think it is going to change soon, if Mac OS X become the hottest platform to run Java ( Even SUN microsystem is borrowing apple's code to put in thier JVM). All of our current development is based on IBM products - Db2, Websphere and Visual Age Java. I am looking forward to a job with Mac oriented firm where i can work on WebObjects and FileMaker.


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macs make it all possible

i work in the audio industry and everyone's main platform is the mac. the software for it rocks and the system itself is solid-solid-solid.

the creative choices in the digital domain are vastly superior to the old analog tape days. and the speed and cost effectiveness of working digitally is mind-boggling. some of my projects still begin on tape but everything eventually ends up in my mac and thats a good thing.

like most of my peers, we each have one pc in our studios ( to run acid and/or gigastudio) and man, what an incredibly tempermental, unintuitive box that thing is. just loading in a soundfile from a cd is a multi-step pain-in-the-rear.

i may winge ( whine) a bit while i wait for the next generation tower but the reality is-i'm loyal to the mac and i'm not going anywhere else. :)


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Dec 29, 2001
I don't have a career ( still in school)
but hopwfully oneday when me and my friend open our very own visual design studio we will have an office full of macs and some very hot secretarys:D


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Mar 11, 2002
Franklin, TN
Amen to that... hot secretarys make any job better :D

oh yeah...there is a thread here...... Ive been working as a consultant for the past few years and have had the pleasure (can you smell the sarcasm) of using compaq and ibm systems.

But as a rule my cpu's at home have always been macs.... usually my computers have been provided by the company and persuading Compaq to buy me a mac was a laughable process :D

Picture a media 100 G3 system set up under my desk hooked up to Compaq monitors... im not kidding :D

good times;




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Dec 29, 2001
I hear you D0ct0rteeth
my dad can get some really powerful IBMs from where he works
he can get ITANIUMS DIRT CHEAP cause he works for BHP australia
But He and I hate the clunky interface of the windows system
and tomorrow where are going down to get an iMac (hopefully)


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Mar 9, 2002
Before I started college in the early 90's wasn't really heavily into computers, then when I finally started my Graphic Design course in 94' they all had Mac's, so they became first choice, although I did use PC's aswell, they just seemed really outdated and overly complex!!

I have been working on Macs ever since then, Macs are pretty much the most prevalent machine for creative work although I've noticed hi-end PC's getting more and more popular within the design consultancy environment....... but I've always worked on Macs for creative work and I always will!!

As I'm a freelance designer at the moment my TiBook gets some serious workload put on it, but I'd like to get a tower for rendering use as it's a pain having to tie up my only machine for giant renders..... but I'm holding out on that for Rev b G5's, so maybe mid 2003 for those..... (it'll give me time to save up the necessary readies!!), but I also want to replace my TiBook with what ever Apple do to hotrod it up...... although I'm waiting for a dramtic upgrade before I even consider parting with my wedge!!

I did consider buying a Sony Viao PC laptop to help out on cross platform development issues but held off when I installed Windows 2000 on my TiBook and this seems to do everything I require at the moment!!

Apart from my work side of things, I love Apple's innovation, I love the way they look, I love the OS, I love their power and I love being part of communities such as this......:D

In short.....

I LOVE MY MAC.......:p


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My mac and I

It started back in ´84 or ´85 when my father
started working at an agency where they
had the guts(!) and ca$h to buy 2 macs.
Ever since, I´ve been hooked and in the
publishing/advertising industry all (almost)
work in mac-environments.
We even had macs in school!
I think it was Apple II´xx or something…
With a quicksilver at home for surfing
and freelance work and a G4 450 DP
at work, the only thing I lack is…
…yep, you´re darn right… a TiBook!


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Dec 29, 2001
just what I wanted to see An old school macuser
I'm loving it


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May 28, 2001
I first started using Apple in early 80ies in school.
one of the first macs' that came out was standing in my parential home. For years I only looked while father played:p .

In High school the teacher was also a regular macfreak, so I spend most of my time on Macs'.
When I arrived at the university, they used some dull old peecee system, not even running win95, only lotus 123 was kinda wysiwyg, but not much, so I immediatly quit:D.

I then got lost, running between jobs, and because my parents divorced the Mac disappeared in my life, meanwhile Apple suffered. In 97-98 When Steve came back (that was the guy my teacher was alsways talking about!) So I picked in again, where I lost track. When I married my wife and I decided we needed a computer, as I said before in other threads I can be very convincing:D , so when we finally had the cash we bought an iMAc DV+ 450 (summer 2000) I'm still very happy with that machine (it runs OSX like a charm, I only need more RAM, currently 128MB But the OS handles pretty well given the small amount of RAM)

Not long after our purchase I found the job I'm currently in, good job, BUT a pc, and since it is very quit here (american company, and Swedish company in need) I'm starting to get bored.
And when you get bored, you start thinking of other horizons.
Which I'm doing now, I got a fairly good knowledge of mac (I'dd say I'm a semi-pro, there is not 1 single app that I can't handle, but most of them is just an extended base/semi-pro level seen the fact that I spend my daytime on peecee, and not on a mac)
But I'm catching up, I'm reading all articles books, MR, etc...
And when an opportunity comes along, I'll make the switch.
I've always been a computer geek, I only realised it now, I spend +- 12-15 hrs a day on computer (peecee 8 and mac between 2 and 6-7, I wnat to permanently erase the 8 hours peecee, and trade that for a solid 12 hrs mac job. Then you'll see me progress)


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Nov 13, 2001
Gainesville, Fl
My first mac was a mac plus. You had to load the OS off of a floppy. I've been a mac guy ever since then. I got my current job as a systems analyst through my knowledge of macs. As a result we picked up a whole dept at the university that only uses macs. Now I don't even have to look at PCs. Woohoo!


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Dec 11, 2001
i'm a student in high school but also work as a technician in another school district

the year i got my powerbook the district ditched all their macs (old lc's) and bought new dells for the labs and teachers

now (nearly 3 years later) we still have those hellish machines... the odd thing is... of the three technicians at the district, two now have macs (guess what the third is saving for?)

we're in a heated battle with the superintendent over why he should allow us to bring some macs back into the environment

we had a minor victory, the other mac-owning technician and i made an instruction video for the district.... on our macs... we had both of our quicksilvers at the admin building and everyone was fairly impressed

the superintendent loved the video and would like some more

we're holding out for a g4 -- we think the district should get a dedicated video machine

i'm crossing my fingers

Mr. Anderson

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Nov 1, 2001
In school I was a programmer, working on Unix machines with c and c++. I had been emphasizing 3D graphics programming and animation, took art courses that used Amigas with Sculpt3D for design (I also spent 3 years in Architecture before moving on to computers) and work for the Geology Department making animations on a Sun Workstation. That landed me a job at JPL (NASA) for a summer doing more graphics programming. In all of this I hadn't really used macs for much other than playing around in the lab with some games a friend of mine had.

When I graduated I got a job in DC, again programming on Sun Workstations, but 6 months after I got there they bought a 8100AV PowerMac (top of the line at the time) and since I had the most graphics experience I took to learning all I could, photoshop (v 2.5 at the time) illustrator and a simple 3D program, InfiniD.

I haven't looked back since. I'm not doing any programming, just 3D animation and illustration, with a little webwork now and again. I'm the resident photoshop/illustrator guru and I love it.


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Jan 31, 2002
Jobs with Macs.

I'm a software developer/quantitative researcher. Traditionally, there has been a dearth of Macs in this area (especially in the financial arena, where I am now). So you'd think I would settle into a long boring life of using PCs at work.

Think again.

Thanks to OS X, I have all of the free GNU tools that come with a linux or Unix distribution, plus I have Apple's great tools and a bunch of mainstay research/quant tools as well.

As an example, I have Mathematica, IDEA (a great Java development environment--with Ant capabilities which is a must for large Java projects), MySQL, and Project Builder installed on my TiBook. With this configuration, I can do all of my quant research work and the majority of my programming work as well (everything except the M$ specific code for stuff like .dll's). I'm now able to bring my machine to work and do a significant amount of work on it in an environment I'm comfortable with.

Three cheers for OS X. It saved me from a boring blue-grey life of Windows.



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Feb 8, 2002
I'm an attorney with an aerospace engineering background. My wife is a medical student (doctor in about a month) with a biology background.


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Jan 9, 2002
Ha ha haaa!
I'm the typical graphic designer who was raised by my father who runs a graphic design business. He used Macs from the beginning, so naturally I tagged along. (Imagine running Adobe Illustrator '88 and Photoshop 2.0 on a Mac Plus and there you have it. :D )


Jul 9, 2000
Originally posted by mcrain
I'm an attorney with an aerospace engineering background. My wife is a medical student (doctor in about a month) with a biology background.

when i was younger, i wanted to be a tax attorney but found i hated accounting...i read your signature...are you a tax attorney and could i write off a tibook as an expense if i am a pc tech? he he

also, why did we toss all that tea into the boston harbor 200+ years ago...maybe one day all us mac types should toss pcs into boston harbor...i will make the trip for that one?:D

Mr. Anderson

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Nov 1, 2001
Originally posted by jefhatfield
maybe one day all us mac types should toss pcs into boston harbor...i will make the trip for that one?:D
Yeah, but then all the environmentalists would get upset and it would be bad publicity for Apple. :mad:

If Apple gets to big a share of the market, we might have to be careful. Maybe some PC users will dress up as Mac Users and throw PCs into the harbor.....