Macuser UK article - Sony protection on all new CD's

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    So whats going to happen to iTunes and iPods?

    Sony activates music CD security
    [MacUser] 17:18

    Music giant announces new copyright protection for music downloads
    Sony Music has announced new encryption techniques it intends to employ on its compact discs from January of next year.

    Apparently borrowing Microsoft's product activation idea, a CD can only be stored on a computer after the owner has been granted a decryption key from Sony over the Internet.

    Sony will grant the decryption key to the initial transfer of a CD to computer for free, but thereafter will charge 200 Yen (about £1) per track thereafter.

    Once transferred, the music files can be listened whenever the owner chooses, but can not copy them to devices.

    Sony says it hopes the technology will be adopted as an industry standard in protecting copyright.
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    Re: Macuser UK article - Sony protection on all new CD's

    They have no right. This goes completely against fair use.

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