Macworld '05: A New Direction?

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jan 10, 2005.

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    Jul 5, 2003
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    If Steve does unveil the iPod Shuffle and the Q88 tomorrow, it clearly signals an intent by Apple to play in the commodity end of both the MP3 player and PC markets. The iPod Shuffle will be a hit, no matter what. However, if they don't market the Q88 like a commodity (something they are not known for), they will not have the success they need to expland the Mac share like they need to in order to increase software support and mind share.

    Still, it's all good.
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    There's no particular amount of expansion Apple "needs," however. A steady market share means more Mac users every year. Even a FALLING market share means more Mac users every year. Unless more users throw Macs away than purchase them--which is in the realm of science fiction. Apple is profitable already, and there is great developer support for the Mac even if market share never grows beyond 3%. The only thing I miss on my Mac is game editors--and that situation seems to be improving anyway.

    Any growth is good for Apple, though, and indirectly good for Mac users. But mainly its good for the people who BECOME Mac users :)

    In short, things are pretty good already. If they get better, hooray! How MUCH better do they need to get? Doesn't matter... better is better :)
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    Jun 5, 2003
    very well said
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    *sighs* I still don't get how people can actually think that market share does not matter. If you have a developer look at platforms what do you think is going to be more appealing to them? A platform with 90% market share or one with 2%? Which do you think he has the best chance of selling his wares on? It doesn't matter of there are (Pulling the number out of my ***) 30,000,000 Macs out there if there are 150,000,000 PC in circulation it makes the platform all the more tempting. And then there is porting. Honestly do you think a developer is going to devote that much time and effort in a niche market? A market Apple has in the past blatantly stated that they have not intention of getting out of.
    As much as you hate to admit it market share has and always will matter to a certain extent. Numbers games only matter to those who need to makes the figures look better then what they are.

    As for the article. Well written and I agree 100%. However I don't beleieve a headless Mac would be that much of a hit to Apple's margins. Seriously. At 1.25Ghz, 256MB RAM, 60GB hard drive, CD-R drive, and a so-so video card? You are probably looking, when purchased in bulk, $300-$400 in parts. I honestly don't expect it to be $500. If this thing is real its going to be $550-$600. That gives Apple a nice return and still keeps the device pretty cheap.
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    I agree to a large extent with what you say, but, as a long-time software developer (corporate) who's now thinking of developing my own products, one of the appealing aspects to the Mac market is the lack of a hundred competing products in every possible niche. Yes, the PC market is vast. It's huge. But it's also glutted with products.

    Also, another tempting aspect of the Mac market is that, at least in my perception, a lot more software on the average person's Mac is purchased as opposed to stolen. That has nothing to do with market share, except that, if a greater percentage of people in a given segment buy software as opposed to stealing it, they have a larger virtual piece of the market from a developer's point of view.

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